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Christa College and Baptist Haiti Mission

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Another beautiful day has dawned in Cabaret! Most of us have
finally learned to sleep through the constant choir of barking dogs, crowing
roosters and the loud braying of our donkey. (of course, sleeping through
Linda’s snoring is a whole other story! LOL) Ed began our morning in prayer,
thanking God for allowing us to serve Him in Haiti, and thanking our friends
and family back home for all their love and support and for continued strength
for the upcoming week of camp work, building houses and 3 remaining clinics. A
group photo was taken after breakfast and we all attended church with the
community. Our traditional walk through the community was after lunch and there
were many children that accompanied us, eager for the treats they knew we would
be passing out!


An update on Sedrac, our little orphan boy who went to the
hospital in Port au Prince last week for testing. All his results came out
well. He was negative for HIV and TB. He went with the group to Christa College
so that he could return to the hospital to receive his results. It was a long
day for the little guy while clinic was on, and on the way home he curled up in
Frieda’s lap and fell sound asleep. We are all thankful his illness is not a
serious one.


Christa College

The team travelled to Christa College Friday and had a very
successful day. (although it was a very long day!) The facilities there are
quite crowded and the bathroom is literally a hole in the ground that you have
to squat over. There were lots of small babies, some with pneumonia, a lot with
worms and mild skin conditions. On this trip there were no emergencies and no
patients that needed to be transported to the hospital for further medical
care. There are many team members that have sponsored children at Christa
College, and as best as possible, they were all able to meet their child and
give them their gift boxes that were brought over with us. Overall, the day
went well. The principal supplied the team with cold water and pop and thanked
us for our work there.

Baptist Mission

Yesterday the team made the long trek to the Baptist Haiti
mission up in the mountains on the far side of Port au Prince. Our journey took
close to 4 hours (most of it uphill!) with a short stop to see the Palace in
Port au Prince that lay in ruins from the earthquake. The bus we were all in
had to make a stop part way up the mountain as the engine was overheating and
the driver was afraid of it breaking down, so we rested by the side of the road
to let the engine cool. We finally made it to the Baptist mission shortly after
lunch and walked around taking in the zoo and museum, and eating an “Canadian”
lunch (hotdogs, fries and ice cream!) in the small restaurant there. On our way
back down the mountain, the driver missed the turn for Lookout Point and
refused to turn around on the busy narrow road. We had to hire 2 taxis to take
us back up to the Point. It is a beautiful area of Haiti and as Ed said, a
photo cannot do it justice, in that you need to actually be there to see the view from
Lookout Point, which has you gazing out over all of Port au Prince and leaves
you in awe of its beauty. There were many vendors there selling their wares of
bracelets, necklaces, jewellery boxes and paintings. Some members of the team
bought a few mementos to bring home. The taxis took us back to the waiting bus,
where we continued on down the mountain to Dominos for supper! There at Dominos
we met up with Beverly and the US Mission to Haiti team that were just
finishing up their meal. Their team is returning home Monday, so they are
leaving some of their medical supplies with us to use for our 3 remaining clinics.
Our supplies were getting low and we had yet to figure out how we were going to
be able to complete the clinics  we had
left. We all wondered how it was possible after the day we had of delays, that
meeting this team at Dominos when we did came about? How amazing was that?!
Indeed a blessing! Frieda talked to a group at Dominos that were from Iowa and
they were simply amazed at the work our team was doing in Haiti building houses
and ministering medical needs to so many people, and they immediately wanted to
stay at camp with Jeff and Chelsey and help our team with the house

End of Day

We arrived back at camp close to 8 pm – tired and dirty, but
happy. A great day away – some gifts purchased, many photos taken, friendships
made and our bellies full of Pizza!

link to pictures:

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Hey team. Great job. Has Ed got his hands dirty yet???? Lol. Linda ans Lammy keep up the good work. Say hi to Felix for me.

Hello kayla Herman and Grandpa I am enjoying all the pictures of you all and the good works that everyone is doing to a nation that needs it. always thinking of you and proud of all of you.

Hey team and hey to Kayla, grandpa and the one and only herm-dawg! First of all I’d like to say I am extremely jealous. I wish I was there! I miss the people! Kayla you’re probably loving all the kids. They’re precious. I miss you guys. Just so you know, as you’re soaking up the sun, I’ve been wiping out on the icy laneway. Yay! Hope to see you soon. xo!

wow busy days, that is amazing how God provided what you needed just in time, we know God will always provide but it is always sweet to see how He does it. Hey Cheryl and Susan, my Family made it home last night around 11, I only lost 10 Chickens the rooster and the budgee bird, that was ancient, other then that things will now continue as how ever they do here each day is different, love the Pictures every one. be praying for you all. Keep up the good work. John 9:4


Hello all (especially Grandma Gaye and Micah)
Wow! Love the pictures. Wonderful testimony of how God works all for His good and in His timing!
Those babies look adorable–give them all a extra hug and love from us here in Canada.
Lots of snow here, although it is suppose to rain tomorrow. Micah–Ben wants you to know that they won the hockey game. Grandma–Grandpa is doing fine–hit his nose on a gate at work so might look a little banged up when you return.
Keep up the good work.
Eric and Giena and family

I’m loving the pictures and the updates – kudos to your bloggers and photographers. Sending hugs to all, especially my sister in law Maribeth and niece Janna. Yesterday someone at church asked if Ed and I were still speaking because I hadn’t posted anything here, LOL… we ARE, on our blackberries – technology is great. P.S. Ed told me it was easy to shine surrounded by so many committed and talented volunteers.

Vision isn’t enough
unless combined with venture.
It’s not enough to stare up the steps
Unless we also step up the stairs. – Vance Havner

Bless you all for stepping up. xoxo Josie

Hi Janet:
Trust that all is going well as you are still smiling in the pictures. For sure you will have many experiences to relate when you get back. Enjoy the final days ahead, kids & Riley doing well.

please say a greeting to my sister corry mulder
from holland i found the pictures and wish her still a nice week

hey Gail

just showing all the work everyone is doing there, and she is very happy to see you pictures of you. Mom said to tell you can’t wait to see you and hear your stories.
keep up the good work team.

Hi there. Dad, Herman and Kayla
I’m so proud of the work and the Love of God that your sharing with the people in Haiti. Maybe one day I’ll be able to go with you too. Keep up the good work and we’ll see you when you get home ok. Keep on keeping on.

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