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November 23rd, 2017

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November 23rd, 2017

Well, today is our last day here in Haiti, and what an amazing journey it has been with a team that has worked so well together! We’ve all worked hard and have trusted in God to guide us and lead us in all that we have done. Each and every person on this team brings their own special talents, passion and love for the people of Haiti, which showed every day that we were here. The nights after supper when the cards and spoons came out and laughter filled the dining area will be cherished memories of newfound friendships!

Today we spent part of the day at Kaliko beach resort re-programming. We needed this time after the 2 weeks here and before the long journey home tomorrow. Tonight we had circle time, and for those who have been on previous trips you all know what that means! lots and lots of tears and kleenex! A very emotional time for each and every one of us as we recount the highlights of our trip here, the times that made us sad, that times that made us laugh, how grateful we are for each other, and how sad we will all be when it comes time to say good-bye and leave.

There are a few pictures for you to look at this evening …

– thank you all once again for making this journey with us.

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Sounds like a great day to unwind and share common feelings. I know Newbie Laura will be experience feelings she’s never felt before and will benefit from having the team to share and understand how she’s feeling. Great to communicate with her today via iMessage. Can’t access the pictures above. Dad, Noah and I can’t wait to see you tomorrow. Thank you team for looking after our girl and making this an incredible experience which she will treasure always. Next year she will bring her dad with her.

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