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November 22nd, 2017

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“Come close to God and he will come close to you”

This will be our last day of sponsorship, construction and medical clinics – and it will be a full one! When we first arrived here we came with a set of plans for what we wanted to accomplish during the 12 days. Some we have surpassed and others were not quite met, but the path we took was one close to God. He blessed us with our needs, new friendships and everlasting memories. We have been God’s hands and feet for the past 2 weeks and we know that what we have been able to do here is but a drop in the bucket for what is really needed, yet we have worked so hard, slept well at night and filled our hearts with love for the Haitian people.

Yesterday Daisy and Hochi’s new sponsored children, Dodo and Lolo came here and were outfitted with new school clothes and shoes – and even mom got a few new things. This morning they were both here bright and early eagerly awaiting to start classes. It was so great to see them!

Glenn and Shawn continued to build new shelves in the boutique for all the donations while Dave was off with the medical team today. The crew of Kelly, Judith, Deb, Daisy and Hochi were hard at work in the church emptying bags, sorting, sizing and folding clothes that will be distributed to different churches in the area that Pastor Charles is associated with. There is also all kinds of toys, books and stuffies that will go along. There will be many happy people and children. This was a 2 day job and 2 evenings were spent in the church as a team continuing to sort and bag donation items.

Today the sponsorship team of Lynn, Jane and Sandi, along with Bisson translating, saw the rest of the children from Christa College and OA – they were brought here by tap tap, given their boxes and had a new photo taken. The children here at Cabaret also received their boxes from their sponsors and a new ‘valise’ or back pack. After lunch Lynn and Jane with Luc Paul travelled to Foveau to hand out sponsor boxes to the children there. Shawn and Lucders made a trip to Britt’s family in the community with their milk mats. The family was so happy to receive such a gift. Moise was here again today to see Judith. She took him on a tour of the boutique and he selected a few articles of clothing to take with him. It’s been an emotional trip for Judith – at first not knowing where Moise was, finding him, catching up on his story, getting to spend time with him , loving him and now having to say good-bye again.

After school today Daisy saw Dodo and explained to him that she would soon be leaving to go home, and that she wouldn’t be here every day anymore. He was quite sad which pulled at Daisy’s heart. She told him that she would be back every year to see him because he was her sponsored child. He will come again tomorrow for another fairwell and it will be a tearful one. That is one of the hardest things we do here. We leave. We leave the children here knowing what we are going home to and what we are leaving behind and hoping somehow that we have made a difference in the short time we have been here.

We have another new sponsor on our team. Today Deb sponsored a 15 year old girl. She is one of the 10 children from the family that Dave is sponsoring. All together there are over 300 children sponsored through Mission to Haiti Canada, with 61 new children being sponsored this trip. This team is awesome!!

Dave was impressed with how the medical team all works so well together and how they can all put smiles on so many faces! There was a baby in the clinic today with severe burns on her feet. Lammy cleaned them and put ointment on them, and sent her home with medication. It is amazing how God set the scene for everyone to be in the right place at the right time to help this little girl. The lady with the tumor on her jaw was back in again today to see Lammy, and this time David was there. He is going to reach out to friends back home who are medical doctors and see if a new process can be started for her to have surgery. There were 135 patients seen today with many babies from as young as 7 days old! One lady that was in, lost 3 of her 4 children in the earthquake and now lives with her grandchildren. Many nights she has nightmares thinking about the children she has lost. She was wanting medication to help her sleep at night. The dental team of Jauvens, Junior and Lesa had another busy day. They also got back their table that had been in for repair and it came back in excellent condition.

While sorting through all the t-shirts today Judith found some worthy of mention for certain team members. To Shawn and David goes the “Tough Dude” shirt. For newbie Laura who is only 16 and on this trip on her own having a huge experience, the shirt: “Girls can change the world’ – for Lammy and Lynn, how they are so patient with their time and have such huge hearts for all the Haitian people. “ 100% Awesome!” And last but not least … Glenn – for always being on the go all the time, keeping everyone moving and so much to think about and do for these trips … a t-shirt with a man relaxing in a hammock “No Problemo”

Tonight we start packing for the road home. The church needs to be emptied of donations, our totes and hockey bags need to be counted and accounted for. Medical supplies boxed away. Food items boxed and stored, or donated. Another long day … but we all keep going because our hearts won’t stop needing to make life better for Haiti and its people, especially the children.

We want to thank everyone for all the love, blog posts and the support during our time in Haiti – it made this journey so great having you all along experiencing everything that we did.

We are all looking forward to our beach day at Kaliko tomorrow.

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To: Shawn Cronin
Hi! I miss you a lot, I just really can’t wait for you to get back home😓! Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY has been asking when you come back home🏠. I had just wanted to say that I’ve/everything has been going very well, just a couple of minor fights but over all it’s been all OK. I really do miss YOU though😓. I love you. BYEEE!
From, your loving daughter, Isabella

Hi Lesa
love the pictures with you and the girls. Hope they enjoy there boxes. Have a great day at the beach tomorrow. Take lots of pictures and please go in the salt water. See you soon love you. Oral

Hi everyone.
It was great to read the stories and see all the pictures. You could sense the enthusiasm that this team had in helping the Haitian people. Was happy to see the “Just in Time” container arrived so everyone was have time to enjoy the beach day. This is a well deserved rest before you make the long trip back home on Friday. Have a safe journey.

Hello everyone.
Where has the time gone? Amazing the work that gets done in those two short weeks!
Hi Grace,
Just two more sleeps as your boys(?) would say. I’m looking forward to Friday, I must admit. Have a great time tomorrow and text me when your on the ground Friday. I’ll likely be in the cell phone parking area.
Blessings to all and love to Grace,

Hi Lammy and everyone. Yay it’s almost time to come home. But I am sure that in a way it well be a little sad to leave but also some happiness to come back to youre own family. It was great to see all that was done and we know you all did a great job. Well done guys. Hope today was a good day for you and injoy the evening. May our Lord grant you all safe travels. Lammy we are all looking forward to seeing you on Sarurday love ya.

Bring back some sun🌞

Dear Daisy and Hochi. I have certainly enjoyed this time with you. What amazing work you have done as well as your entire team. It must be sad to leave new friends and your new sponsored children. I can hardly wait to start sponsoring myself. You will need to let me know as soon as possible what I need to do. I can’t imagine you and Hochi at the beach, neither of you are the relax at the beach kind of girls. You are either working, or making sure the boys are safe and having fun. So relax, have fun, and enjoy the sun, it is cold here now and has snowed, although it is supposed to be around 8 degrees this week so there probably won’t be snow when you first get back. BTW, I made Rob a smoothy. It had Kale, Kefir – a probiotic fermented milk that is super good for you but tastes vile, and fruit, lots of fruit. It is also a good way to get those dark greens in that are soooo healthy for you. Rob looked at it, the boys crowded around it and they all stared at it. They weren’t too sure about it because it was green. They stared at Dow Dow as Rob tasted it. Rob offered some to the boys, but they both said “Nope” even though DowDow said it wasn’t too bad. I really like it but I may have put too much Kale in it for Rob’s first taste. The next one I made with spinach instead of Kale, because spinach does not taste as strong as kale. I also put a lot of pineapple in it to cover the taste of the Kefir. I thought it tasted just like a Starbucks smoothie but the boys didn’t want anything to do with it and Rob asked me not to tell you about it because you might make him drink them. Rob and the boys are home now. I told Rob to load the dishwasher and start some laundry. The place is reasonably tidy but that is no guarantee it will be like that when you get home, I have been stepping on popsicle sticks ever since they left. Robbie is looking forward to you getting home. The baby woke up yesterday, looked at DowDow and said “Momma?” DowDow told him you will be home real soon. You are surrounded by love all around the world. I love you Daisy and Hochi.

Hi everyone. What a team! Great thanks to Susan for introducing Jessica to this mission. It is wonderful to see our daughter using her time & skills to help any way she can. The daily blogs & pictures are amazing. Everyone at home is excited that they’ll see Jess this weekend – especially her 3 favourites – Gauge, Cameo & Calibre! Gram is buying some pineapple for Sunday!

Laura Harney,
Hello from Canada. We are so proud of you for taking the leap of faith and serving God on your own, away from family. We know that God has blessed you in so many ways but we also know that you are being used as a blessing to many. We will continue to pray for you and your team and await your safe return. So many of our youth will be challenged by your first hand account of your adventures.
Love to you.
Aunt Sandra (Pastor) and Pastor Matt

Good job, everyone! So wonderful to read about the intentional, tangible ways you are living out your faith and revealing God’s love in Haiti! Mom (Lammy), the blogger’s words enable me to picture you doing the work you came to do and we appreciate learning from the stories very much. Miss you, Mom–and eager to see you at the airport tomorrow. Hoping for safe, smooth travels for everyone!

What an amazing day!!!
So happy for the post and pictures!
Hope your all doing well! Bet your all sad that it’s almsot but also probably so excited to see your friends and family. ♥️ Love you all and best wishes.

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