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November 20th, 2017

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November 20th, 2017 Monday

The container is here! The container is here! It arrived about 4 this afternoon, just as the clouds started to form and a cool breeze kicked up. Perfect, at the time, for the heavy work involved in emptying it out. Boxes and boxes, bags and bags headed to sponsorship, pharmacy and the boutique and many containers of Gleaners soup mix were stored. Just before the container was empty the skies opened up and it poured out! There was even lightning in the sky. It took just over an hour to get the container emptied, with many hands helping – the fastest anyone can remember. As soon as the container came through the gate there were many of our Haitian friends on hand to help. We are all so thankful that the container has arrived with all its precious items. We can now share everything with those in need.

Today the medical team was off to Saint Marcs, just over an hour away, where they saw 126 patients. They had the local police there acting as security guards, guns in hand, so they all felt very safe. (especially Deb!) There was a 54 year old lady that was seen today that was in an advanced stage of cancer, along with diabetes and high blood pressure. It was very emotional to tell her that there was nothing they could do to cure her cancer. Lammy gave her some pain pills to help. We will pray for her. Newbie Laura worked in pharmacy today and really enjoyed that aspect of medical. Patients were lined up waiting for their medication and with Susan’s guidance, Laura handled it like a pro! Kelly was in dental today assisting Junior while they did cleanings for many people.

In sponsorship there were many boxes of backpacks donated to MTH and those were moved to the church. When sponsor boxes are handed out to the children, they will each receive a backpack if needed. There were 7 new children sponsored today by team members. Daisy and Hochi have been working in construction and met a couple of boys who are cousins. Dodo has been here every day helping Daisy. He has 3 siblings at home, and now they are all sponsored by her and her family. Dodo’s cousin has another sibling and those 2 are now sponsored by Hochi. In church on Sunday Dave met a little boy who was rubbing his tummy, saying that he was hungry and hadn’t eaten. Bisson knew where the boy’s family lived so he went to them later in the day and brought the boy back to see Dave again. They found out that his mom is raising 10 children on her own, as her husband passed away and is finding it very difficult. He is now being sponsored by Dave, and hopefully some of his siblings can be sponsored by others as well. Kelly’s sponsored child, Paula along with her mom was here waiting for her when she returned from Saint Marcs. Paula and her brother were both orphans here for years, but have now gone back home to live with their mother. After the earthquake many children were deemed ‘orphans’ and not because they had no parents, but because they parents could not care for them for whatever reason, whever they had no place to live, or no money to feed and clothe them, so many children went to live at orphanages until their parents could bring them home again. Paula and her mom joined us as guests for supper. Jane had a sponsored child here a few years ago, but she didn’t see him one year, and thought he wasn’t attending school anymore. Last year she saw him and through a translater found that he had finished grade 12 and was wanting to go to college. Jane told him to pass his entrance exam and get all his papers in order and she would help him through college, and that was set up for him today. Lynn was emotional today at having these new children sponsored and is very thankful that this team has such a huge heart when it comes to caring for the children of Haiti. Together we can make their lives better, one child at a time.

The pouring of cement for the walls behind the church begin today in construction. The team spent time this morning ensuring that everything was level and straight with the forms before the pouring of cement began. Again, the Haitians carry buckets of water and gravel to the mixer, and from there a bucket brigade is formed to dump the cement into the forms. It was a very hot day, but they worked non-stop and the wall was completed before the end of the day. There were a few minor injuries in construction today, but nothing that nurse Jane couldn’t fix with some clean water and band aids. The construction crew had time for a small break before the container arrived and they were back on the job getting it all unloaded.

Tonight all the supplies from the container need to be sorted. Lammy and Susan are in medical emptying boxes and putting supplies away. Lynn and Jane along with extra helpers are sorting through sponsorship boxes and putting them into their proper school groups. Tomorrow and Wednesday we head to Port au Prince to Christa College where sponsorship boxes will be handed out for that school and for Bisson and Luc’s supported schools in OA. Medical will also spend the day at Christa College. We are all so happy the container is here and can’t wait to see the kid’s faces when they see their sponsorship boxes.

Sandi says ‘thank you’ to everyone for the birthday wishes. She had a great day and was spoiled with a birthday card signed by all the team members – and Happy Birthday was sung to her in 6 different languages!! very special!

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Hi Laura H.
I miss you so much but I’m so proud of all the amazing things you’re doing. I hope you’re having fun and having a safe and great trip.
I love you so much <3, renee

Hi Judith!
It is so heart warming is to see all of the pictures. And in every picture the smiles! It shows how rewarding the efforts that you are making in everyone’s lives.
(and yes it snowed again here).

Hello all
Well winter has arrived here….nothing too much! The person( s) responsible for the blog and photos are doing an amazing job.Susan, we need to raise a few of those goats in my barn …they are so adorable.Everyone on the team is working so hard ….such rewarding work .Those Haitians you have touched will never forget the love they have received …blessings ..Margy

Hi Laura H. Looking good in the pharmacy, you are doing amazing work sweetie, continue to stay safe Love ❤️ Dad Blessings on the whole Team

Home safe and sound but still thinking of all of you and the incredible people of Haiti!
So impressed with how quickly you were able to empty the container – honestly you are such an amazing and hard working bunch of people. Glad that St. Marcs went well and medical returned safe to camp. Lammy don’t forget to ask Bison to find the sweet lady with the jaw problem and give her the heads up about medical clinic.
Already looking forward to tomorrows post – keep up the great work Sandy!

Laura H, you will be happy to know that the college strike is over and classes are starting back again tomorrow. Keep shining that light girl. You are going to make a fantastic nurse one day. Dad can’t wait to come back with you next year. So proud of you.

Hi Mommy and EE. I am really happy the boy and his family are going to go to school and can eat every day now. I lie the picture of you standing in the rain. Was it warm or cold? Did the palm trees have coconuts in them. Did you drink the coconut juice and eat the coconut? What are the babies doing there? Baby here is sleeping right now. I have a bunch of popsicles. I LOVE popsicles. Dow Dow made me eat spagetti and then we had popsicles. Dow Dow ate some popsicles too. I had an ice cream cone with six scoops but I couldn’t eat it all so from now on I will just have five scoops. I love you. I am going to give you a BIG HUG when you come home. and EE too. I am going to have some ice tea. I will see you in a couple days.

Aweeeee way to go Little Laura ❤️

Miss you guys.

Thinking of you guys! Glenn, Lynn, Judith, David, Lisa , Pam, you all made such a special impact on my life. HICHIE AND DAISY I will never forget you! Funniest happiest girls I have her met ❤️ Tom and Grace your the best nurses I have ever met. So luck and blessed to have met you and had you all make such an important impact on my life.

Ohhhhh and JANE❤️

Hi everyone! What a busy trip! We’ve been followed my the blog each day and showing the kids the pictures. They don’t realize how blessed they are to have all they do, especially Grandpa Tom. We love you Dad! If you can please send us your flight details for Friday.

Xoxo Erin

Hi Tom,
Sure looks like all have had very busy and rewarding days. I loved seeing the pictures of the goat distribution as you know how much I loved the goats when I was there. I look forward to hearing all about your mission when you get home.
ps Linda and Barry are a go for April. Yea!

Sounds like everyone is doing a great job! Even setting a record with the container. Glad that it arrived while the team was there. Blessings to all!

Hey guys!

As for a little more of an update,
Yesterday was a busy day, I went to the clinic and got my lip looked at, I my self was waiting to be seen for a while and all I could think about was our Haitian patients. Waiting and waiting for hours and hours to be seen. Some we could do nothing for. I my self was thinking how lucky we are that we have doctors here who can help us. I was grateful but also really token back by the whole thing. Really hits you quite hard.
I had my lip checked out! I was extremely relieved that it was not a cold sore they wrote me a prescription for a topical antibiotic and it was ready in minutes for meat the Pharmacy across the road Onguent Fucidin was what they gave me, I doctor set it was similar to Polysporin but stronger. I applied it right away I’m up by the end of the day yesterday it was nearly gone! I only wish that was the case for our patients it makes me so sad. I wish we could, I wish I could bring everything to Haiti with me. Doctors fully equipped with all the news and whistles. It’s so incredible what you all do. How much you contribute to helping them. Your all truly beautiful amazing people.
It’s incredible what you guys have done and are doing!!! I hope you haven’t had any more unwanted visitors taking out your rebar!!! I love the photos it’s so wonderful to see all the progress I hope the weather has been better, but I hope it’s not to hot either, lifting bending and cutting is exhausting without intense heat! Take care of eachother I know you will.

When I finally made it home I after all my errands, I cried and I prayed. I prayed for all of you, that god keeps you safe and watches over you. I prayed that you have safe travels and that he watches over you all when in transit from location to location, it really hit me when I was driving how dangerous those two taps can be, no seat belts, no real system for traffic. I prayed that maybe sharing my pictures, videos and stories via Facebook and around my community, that more people will be inspired to come be apart of such a life ultering experience. If only more people could put the heart and passion that you all do into these trips, we would be able to help and give so much more. I know I cannot change the world but I can sure try. I’m going to do everything I possibly can to share the experience I have had with all of you and hopefully have an amry of volunteers.

God bless you all. I’m sorry this is a little long Glenn.

P.s my cats are fine, for the most part when Andrew met my dad to pick them up dad had my one kitten in the trunk and the other tapped under a laundry basket 😳
They hid for a while when Andrew first brought them home. And practically claimed to my pant legs when I walked in the door. Kylie basically slept on my head and Clay decided to sleep on my chest/ face.. 🙈 theirs so much love.
Also I why can’t I post pictures I know Glenn is dying to see more adorable pictures of my kitty’s 😇

I miss you all. Your in my thoughts, in my prayers, in my heart and on my mind.

My moms husband Albert is having his surgery today as both of them are in my prayers as well. I will give you guys some updates when I hear from them.

Daisy, Hotchi and Little Laura ❤️ I found you on Facebook 😉


I am sitting here in the office reading all that you have accomplished thus far and I honestly can say, I am amazed! It is wonderful to see how you all gave up your time, talents and energy to help those who are in great need. I wish I could be there with you all to share in the experience, but God had other plans.

I would like to give a shout out to Junior and the Jean-Baptiste boys, “Sak passe grand negs?”. Also, “Salut” to the folks who I met for the first time last year; Brit, Sandi, Dave, Jane, Jessica, (I know I’m missing another lovely nurse, so sorry). Lastly, to the Bridge Team; Lesa, Judith, Susan, (I know I’m missing two other names) continue to make us look good!

Team, continue to enjoy your time, hydrate even when you don’t think you need to, and please enjoy your rest at Kaliko. You all deserve it!


PS. Can one of you fine folks please pass a BIG hug to two sponsor children; Dayane and Sherline. Also, please tell them that I pray for them each night and that I love them both.

P.P.S Please give a round of applause to the person blogging!


Hello team,

SO many good things happening on this trip that is hard to know where to start.

The blog and pictures are amazing – so informative and such good pics — Pam – are you really running a construction crew? And Susan – I hope that you can bring your new hat home!

I had tears in my eyes reading about the heartfelt generosity of Daisy and Hochi with their sponsorship of a number of kids — what a wonderful gift the Holy Spirit has prompted you to share with those children.

Great news about the container – and such a motivated team — the container treasures will be put to good use!

The construction crew has been so productive — so good to see the outstanding progress in such a short time!

A big hug for Kenzy when you see him — please Susan.

Special alert to Susan – Ari is working overtime so that you’ll be pleased with his progress when you arrive home — and I am missing you – the butter tarts are almost gone.

Love and blessings to all.

Hi Lammy! Hope all is well there. I’ve checked in on the old man who is surviving without you, although he seems very busy as usual. Armed guards at clinic sounds interesting! That’s a first.

We hope the rest of your week goes well and look forward to seeing you soon!

Love, Rose and the family

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