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November 19th, 2017

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November 19th, 2017

This morning we all gathered in the church to attend the Sunday worship service with our Haitian friends. Pastor Charles spoke in creole and again in English for our benefit. Some of the Haitian ladies shared their song books with us and showed us the verses to sing. The girls in the choir had amazing voices. Glenn also spoke with Pastor Charles translating in Creole. We are always grateful to be here in Haiti doing the work of God. We are blessed to be a part of this community, and blessed for the friendships we have here. After the service everyone stayed in the church and we all said ‘bonjour’ to each other – took some pictures, and smiled a lot! It felt so good to share this special time together as part of the community. After lunch we did a food distribution to the families most in need. There was a very long line waiting outside of the church before we began. We handed out 475 of the 600 bags today. They contained rice, Gleaners soup mix and a bottle of cooking oil. Deb and Susan were on stuffy duty and everyone who left with a food bag also received a stuffy.

We also did our goat distribution this afternoon with 27 goats given out – 11 to OA which is Bisson and Luc’s supported schools. The other 16 were given to community church members of Cabaret. Each team member was responsible for holding a goat until it was time for it to be given away. Kids will be kids, and there was lots of head butting and jumping around!

After goat distribution was done, there was enough time left this afternoon before supper to go for a walk through the community. A group of team members walked outside the walls, over the bridge, down the road and over the 2nd bridge spanning the creek. Along the way Britt saw one of her sponsored girls standing outside a house. The mom was very gracious and proud to invite Britt into the house to see where they lived. Of course on a community walk everyone brings candy to share with the kids, and the kids know it! They quite happily trail along wherever our walk takes us, knowing that candy will soon be handed out. Judith had a couple of young helpers that were quite willing to pass the candy out to others.

All in all, even though it was a day of worship and rest, we had a busy schedule. Busy, yet gratifying. To be able to somehow help the people here, no matter how small we may seem it is, it is always so big to those people and families on the receiving end.

Tonight we say good-bye to another team member as she heads home. Britt, we will all miss you! So glad we could share this trip together.

Tomorrow begins a new week, with construction moving forward with the pouring of the cement walls – and medical heading to Saint Marc’s for a clinic there.

We will sleep well tonight … knowing that we have served with our hearts today.

Sorry for the late posting of the blog this evening – internet was not cooperating!

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Hi Grace!
I love reading this blog! It is wonderful how your team is being the hands and feet of Jesus!
We will miss you again tomorrow while we write letters in Woodstock, but what a blessing to be able to use your talents in helping so many there in need!
I would’ve loved to be there with you holding a goat! :)
Love Lisa

Love all the pictures, Laura H did you name the goats, Louie, Niall and Harry lol. Such beautiful children, amazing experience God’s hands in action, thank you for this Team and all the great work!! Blessings

GREAT JOB! Love the blog and the pictures. My thoughts are with you DAILY.

So great to hear all that you have been doing this past week! I have been enjoying the pictures and the blog. Sunday is one of the best days on the trip. So many wonderful things happen on Sunday. Thanks for sharing the photos. Will continue to pray for all of you as you do many great things in the next few days. Sending special birthday wishes to Sandi. I think it is so great that you spend your birthday in Haiti every year. Happy Birthday!

Great pictures God is doing a great work with the team. Keep up the good work. We had a good day at the wedding we just got home and the girls are in there rooms. everyone was asking for you. Have to tell you all about it. Had a good night rest. We love. Lesa

Hi Team, great to see the good work done and smiles all around. Excellent job publishing a daily blog with pictures too! (to my friend Susan Schmidt – you look to be in your element). A thought about the water that seems to affect things from time to time – would a vetiver grass hedge help with that? A quick online check will show photos of this amazing grass which is readily available there, or at least in Arachaie and area. (Want more info? Just email me)
Keep up the amazing work and may you all enjoy good health. Cheers, Tim

Thank you for the pictures and blog to tell everyones daily story. Lynn and Glenn so good to see your smiles as you continue with your passion of our Haitian friends. Sandi and Jane always great seeing your smiles keep up the good work. Bison, Luc a big hello…not sure if Junior is there too.
Love the pictures of Rice and goat Sunday thanks for all that everyone is doing.
Blessings for the rest of the week

Hi Hochi and Daisy
It looks like you had a wonderful day. I always relate church with food because my grandmother would take us to church and out for breakfast after. That’s probably why I like going out for breakfast now. Rob drove me back last night. So I can see how easy the 407 is. It looks doable for me. I don’t like the 401 AT ALL!! Truckers are crazy. I am back at work and Dow Dow said he is trying to make sure the kids don’t pee on anything, namely my new couch, LOL. I broke Robbie’s heart last night. We got back in time to get gas and go to Burger Barn. When I got in the car and we started driving to Burger Barn, Robbie started crying. I wondered what the heck happened in two minutes. I ALWAYS get him a popsicle but this time I got them one of those eggs with a toy in them. Rob said Robbie wanted a popsicle. Baby started crying, he didn’t know why his big brother was crying but he ALWAYS backs his big brother so he was going to cry too. Dow Dow reminded him there was a freezer full of popsicles and he could have some when we got back from dinner. I think I am spoiling them. But I don’t care, I will still get popsicles. Robbie settled down after he remembered he has a freezer full of popsicles. Rob and I had a fight too. The motion sensor isn’t working on my house, so I told Rob I might get a solar one. He said there is no such thing. I tried to explain better but he said “A motion sensor, with a solar panel” (with sarcasm) I said yes, not a big solar panel, just a small one that comes on at night. After some sarcasm back and forth, he said “Never in a thousand years has there been a light sensor with a tiny solar panel (with sarcasm) that turns on at night with motion!!” I said “You can apologize when we get back after you research it” and I dropped the subject. When we got back and got the kids settled watching my new tv(which I love) I quickly researched solar motion sensors, found them then said, “How about you research the motion sensor” He said “I did, they’re cheap”. That was it, no sorry, no wisdom, nothing. I let it go, but next time I mention solar motion sensors I will say “time sure flies, a thousand years have just passed!” Otherwise, everyone is doing well. Robbie misses you. He scours the photos and shouts “There’s Mommy” He asks when you are coming home. Baby points at your pictures and smiles. I am glad everything is going well for you. I am really enjoying spending time with my grandsons! Oh and Rob too.

Hi Mom, (Sandi)
I’ll start off by wishing you a VERY HAPPY 29TH BIRTHDAY!!! 2 years in a row you’ve spent your birthday in Haiti.
You are all changing so many lives. It may been so small you to you, but I’m sure the Haitians are very very grateful and look forward to your group arriving every year!

Mom, hope you had a great day! We’ll celebrate when you get home…29 is a BIG deal!!
Love Katie

Hi Everyone:
Enjoyed reading the blog and looking at the pictures. This past weekend was the time for Santa to arrive in the area with parades in Ingersoll, Woodstock, Tillsonburg, Kitchener and Cambridge to name a few. The weather ranged from wet snow to drizzly rain and snow flurries. Sorry you had to experience the rain in Haiti. All my trips in the past their virtually was none. Especially enjoyed looking at the Sunday activities. This is a true experience for everyone of the conditions in Haiti. I believe the goats this have different colouring. They looked bigger and very healthy. All the best to everyone as they help the Haitians.

Hi Judith and team
I am sure the candy distribution went well for the children, and goats for adults! The adults probably wanted the candy !!!!
Received my birthday card… Thank you
Love Paul

Hi mom (Lammy) and team.

You guys are doing a great job helping the Haitians, keep up the great work! We enjoy looking at the pictures and reading the blog entry very evening. Those are some mighty fine looking goats! Here’s to another productive week ahead!


Hi Mom (Sandi)!

Just came here to say happy birthday! I’ve just been catching up on the blog and seeing all the awesome stuff you’ve been doing. I see you got a day off to sight see on Saturday so hopefully you got to celebrate a little bit! Safe travels home this week and we’ll see you next weekend!


Hey Mom (Sandi), it’s your middle daughter! Likely closest to you distance-wise right now than Katie and Danielle lol

Hope you got a chance to celebrate your birthday today and that everything is going smoothly. Looks like you are having a nice time!!

Excited to see all the great pictures again too. See you in ONE MONTH for the holidays!!!! :) <3

Happy Birthday Sandi.

Looks like you are doing a great job once again.Keeping very busy and getting lots done. Lots of good pics.
Hope you had a great birthday. Have a safe trip and I will see you Friday.

Love Ken

Hi everyone, what a beautiful blog. ❤️ Your pictures with the children and family had my eyes puddling up 😢 I can’t imagine what a wonderful feeling it was to be able to give out food to those families. I can’t wait to be apart of it in the future. It’s so incredible what all of you. I wish the world had a lot more of all of you ❤️ I’m thinking of you all. And love seeing all the pictures and hearing about your day! Keep up the amazing work everyone. I’ve been sharing your stories and pictures with everyone back home and personal ones of my own, I’m hoping to inspire more people to get on board. Seeing all my blessing and prayers your way.
Hope the bugs 🐜 aren’t to bad.

And just an update for back home. The drive into Waterloo was sprinkled with a light layer of glittering snow ❄️ It only lasted a few hours, the next morning it was gone!

it was -1 in Toronto and clear skies.

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