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November 18th, 2017

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November 18th, 2017 Saturday

Today was a day of rest for us after the week of construction and medical clinics. We left early this morning in an air conditioned bus no less, on an adventure to Port au Prince and the Baptist Mission in the hills above. Of course we had our usual back seat crew that kept us entertained along the way with singing and laughter! We passed through Cabaret where once again market was taking place so the roads were very dusty and busy. We drove into Port au Prince and drove by where the Palace had once stood before being ruined in the earthquake. The buildings have been taken down now but no new Palace was built in its place. On the way up the mountain we stopped at the Metal Works place where we all got out and did a bit of browsing and shopping. This is also where we were able to take pictures of the coloured houses on the hills. The houses are built one on top of another, so as in dominoes if the bottom one comes out, then the rest come tumbling down, which is what happened to many of them when the earthquake struck. Upon reaching the Baptist Mission we were all ready for some familiar food as there was a restaurant there with hamburgers, fries and ice cream! Sitting in the restaurant you could look out over the terrace to the lush green hills of patchwork vegetation. The founder of this Mission and his son taught the people there how to grow their crops in that fashion. Such a contrast to the dry, barren land we are used to seeing here. There was also a shop attached to the restaurant where you could get souvenirs and pure vanilla, which a few people stocked up on. The Mission also had a bakery, a museum and a zoo. It was the perfect little place to travel to.

We left the Mission after lunch and stopped off on the way down at Lookout Point where one could look out over all of Port au Prince. What a view! The perfect opportunity for countless pictures to be taken. From there we travelled down into Port au Prince once again and stopped off at the Caribbean Market where we were able to pick up any necessary supplies needed. (or just candy for the kids if that’s all you wanted!) Our last stop of the day before heading home was at Domino’s Pizza where we ordered take out for supper. Once reaching camp we ate and then had an hour before meeting in the church to bag rice for food distribution tomorrow. There were just over 600 bags of rice made up which will go along with a bag of Gleaner’s soup mix and will be greatly appreciated by the needy families in the community. Way to go team!

Tonight we say good-bye to our mom and daughter team of Laura and Chloe. This was Laura’s second trip and Chloe’s first. What a great asset they both were to this team. We are going to miss them, but hopefully they will return again. Safe travels to them both.

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Glad you guys got a day to relax, unwind and see the sights. Was THRILLED to get an iMessage from Laura H while waiting for my movie to start. Best surprise and completely made my day. By the way, you’ve all GOT to see the movie Wonder. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry. Also glad to see you didn’t have another day of rain. Have a great day of worship tomorrow.

We are back in Uxbridge. Dow Dow lit a fire because the house was so cold. Unfortunately, the flue was broken so the house filled with smoke. I closed the bedroom door, wrapped everyone in blankets, turned on Paw Patrol, Robbie said “Baby ALWAYS gets his way”. but big brother is sooo patient with him and played on his tablet until Dow Dow fixed the stove. Now we are watching a movie in a warm house waiting for stew. Robbie said he hopes the boy can go to school so he can have a new brother and he can eat every day, but he still wants a sister. Robbie wants to know his name. Dow Dow is making popcorn and baby wants to watch a movie. I take so much for granted, even simple things like making popcorn, while there are children can only eat once a day, every two days. I will sponsor a child too if there is someone there you needs a sponsor. Daisy and Hochi, you are amazing women!! I love you both sooo much!!!

It being rainning all day. We clean the house. Chrissy was at school all day. We get her hair cut too. Love the pictures and that w you had a rest day. Have a great Saturday night. Ps Chrissy is out tonight with the musical group. Miss you babes

Hello all
So nice to see everyone having a well deserved break .Missing you Susan ….seeing Tom,s niece Jessica in many pictures and so pleased for her that her nursing career has led her to so many places …it really is a profession of love …I miss my patients always….Having food and medical care to distribute is so wonderful ….kudos to everyone …blessings …Margy

What a great day relaxing and sightseeing on Saturday Beautiful pictures of the surrounding communities and views from above. Laura H you look beautiful ❤️ You are amazing!! Enjoy a beautiful day worshipping with everyone, serving the community and your walk today, blessings sweetie, love Dad

Hi Lammy and Everyone. Looks like you all have a great day yesterday. I hope you have a good day today. So I see that there where a few rainy days there as we had here. Right now it’s sunny an snowing of an on. So it’s good to see that you are all doing a great job and already at the halfway mark of the trip. Lammy say hi to everyone of our Haiti friends for me. Looking forward to seeing you later this week.Mel an Greg are looking after me pretty good. Wishing you and the rest of the gang a safe an productive week and save travels. Love to all

Hi Tom and All

So glad to see everyone is working hard as well as having a fun day of rest! I love seeing all the pictures. They take me back to my time in Haiti. I am on my way to church so I will update everyone on how your mission is going. Stay healthy!

Cheers, Jean

Hi Dad ( David),

We are all sitting around talking about you and we thought we would send you a message. First of all, GMA has had a great week and was asking about Isaiah. Second, Isaiah is teething but feeling much better!
He can hold toys now and stand on our laps!!!!
Stella misses you like crazy. Today when she came to the house she sat in front of mom and cried. We said ” do you miss grandpa” and stella looked at us and put her ears up!

Brandon is back up at training and he arrived safe!

Today we went to christmas in st.jacobs which was fun! It was snowing and hailing on and off today! We took pictures for you!
Jeff callahan came up to us at church saying he misses you!!!!

We all miss you SOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!! We cant wait to give you a big hug when you get home! Continue to be the hands and feet of God!


Your family 💜

Hi. Glad to hear you had a day of rest. We woke to snow this morning. Enjoy the warm weather!


So crazily enough mom and I were in first class 😱 maybe it was first come first serve? We’re not sure! But we had a very comfy and tasty flight to Miami airport!!! And our lay over was only 2 hours or so! Once we got back to Toronto it was around 5! No snow ❄️ And the temp was -1 I was expecting a lot colder!!
However on the way to Waterloo it was snowing just a light layer very pretty!!! But it was gone by the morning! It’s pretty mild out here!!!
What a change it is being back in Canada 🇨🇦 I have been on a emotional roller coaster. It’s hard to explain. I wish we could give them more, it breaks my heart. We have so much, everything is so clean and bright here, the patient children have probably never seen snow before, I can’t imagine what the looks on their little faces would be like seeing if for the first time. I wish they could have our lives.
Sorry my posts are a little all over the place. I hope you guys seem them all.
It was a tough day yesterday, felt a little sick coming home, just looking around at everything here. Compared to Haiti.
It’s making me a little more emotional than usual. It’s just so hard to swallow that they are suffering, hungry. Guys I need a hug.

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