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November 17, 2017

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November 17, 2017 Friday

In the lives we lead today it is very easy to get caught up in just our own life and not consider others. Take the opportunity to serve whenever you can. When we are holding a clinic here in Haiti, in whatever small community we may be in, there are always many people with sicknesses waiting in line hoping they will get to see someone. We won’t turn them away – we will serve them all as God has asked us to do.

Construction today continued with cutting, bending and tying of rebar. Jane says lots and lots of cutting, bending and tying! Dave oversaw his work crew and was very patient with explaining how things were done and ensuring that everyone took breaks in the heat and humidity. The rebar that was cut was then tied to other rebar that was already set into the footings, and it will be the backbone inside the cement walls. The Haitians started to pour cement for the footings in behind the orphanage, stopping only when the inspector came by to see how things were going. It was a sight to see the Haitians carrying buckets of stone and buckets of water to the cement mixer, and then a bucket brigade was formed from there to the trench to pour the footings. Things went so well today, that the forms for the walls behind the church went up as well. A load of block was delivered by tap tap and will be used to close in the wall between the office and boutique, keeping the boutique more secure.

As for medical, it was a bumpy and dirty ride to our clinic in Port-au-Prince where we saw about 101 people all with the same general issues as days before. So many people with high blood pressure. The diet of the Haitian people is largely in part to blame. They drink very strong coffee, colas and energy drinks, thinking this will give them energy. The main staple of food here is rice and beans, and with all the rice they eat they load it up with magy to add flavour not realizing that is very high in salt. We are trying to educate them that high blood pressure can cause strokes and that here in Haiti being a stroke victim is not good! Even though there were less people to see than yesterday’s clinic, we still loved seeing all the smiling faces and helping out the patients. Newbie Laura made a child smile today by giving her stickers while her mom was being cared for. Smiling faces are what it’s all about. The medical and construction team made some swaps with people today. Shawn went on his first trip with medical and Jane and Sandi stayed to work in construction. Shawn was security for the team, yet there were people who thought he was a doctor and were asking him for help.

For dental, 11 patients were seen. The patients were divided into extractions and cleanings. Doctor G and the Chloe meister focused on completing extractions while Jouvens did the cleanings. All the patients were brave during the extractions while Chloe held their hands for comfort. Both Doctors were thorough and treated the patients with the best care being compassionate not only for their work but for the people as well, who were all very happy to receive toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Glenn and Shawn were able to finish the last messy job in the ladies washroom and all the ladies are very thankful and appreciative of their expertise in Haitian plumbing.

Special thanks to everyone who contributed photos for the blog this past week – Lesa, Chloe, Susan, Pam, Britt and Judith. And thanks to newbie Laura, Chloe and Lesa for a hand in writing today’s blog.

We are all pretty excited for Kelly’s arrival tonight! It will be great to have her back with the team again.

We also can’t wait until tomorrow when we all make a trip to the Baptist Mission, Lookout Point and the Caribbean Market!

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Hi Mommy. I like your pictures. You have dirt all over your face and your butt. You must be buttless EE.When you get home can you tell me what you ate. Baby jumped on my face, I was sad,but baby said sorry. Wuv you. Bye. P.S. Baby says bye.

Chloe and Laura,

You two look like your having a wonderful time! So happy and proud of you both! Spreading love and lending a helping hand to others must feel so rewarding. As my mother always says “There is more happiness in giving” and I can definitely tell you two are happy. Keep up the great work! Only wish I was able to be there with you. But I’m sending you all my love and happy thoughts!

Love Jolene

Hi Grandma I miss you I hope you are having a great time in Haiti. We’ve been feeding papa (He eats a lot). I’m really happy that you are helping people in need and one day I hope to help taking care of people that need it too!

Love Emily<3

WOW amazing work on the rebar going up / in. Amazing job! Owen’s teacher says THank you for you hearts and hard work. You are an amazing group of people!

Hello to all
Susan ,Russ and I are so proud to see our beautiful English Rose working so hard and putting such smiles on the Haitians faces The children are sooo sweet in their little pink outfits.What an amazing amount of work the whole team is accomplishing ….you are in our prayers …blessing Russ and Margy

Hello everyone,
It is good to hear about the work being done in Haiti. You are such a blessing to the Haitians.
Grace, everything is fine here. Just finished laundry and MAYBE cleaning house tomorrow.
Love, Henry

Hi Lesa. We miss you .Enjoy your Saturday outing at the market. Love the pictures. Be safe. Happy Saturday.

Shawn… A doctor? Haha! The Haitian’s are a funny people… Although if he’s paid enough attention in emerg for all the accidents he’s had, maybe he’s learned a thing or two? 😉

I miss all of you and I’m incredibly jealous I could not be with you this week. Keep doing what you’re doing – I’ll be keeping my eyes out for the blog updates!

I’m glad you arrived safely, mom! I’ll wear that blonde wig and Mikes ashes around my neck all week, in memory of November 2015’s surprise trip to Haiti.

To the newbies – spend as much time as possible with orphans! It’s by far the thing I miss the most. That, and spending time with my Susan! How you doin’!

Mom, I got a little surprise for you to help de-stress for when you get back home. It’s not a flower-petal bath, it’s not a spa day, and it’s a dog. Also, Blake ran away and someone broke in and stole all of your over priced cooking salts. It’s chaos over here… Haha.

Love you!


It’s been great looking at all the pictures and living vicariuosly thru the blog. I love the pic of Lynn in the back of the tap tap. I’ve seen that look numerous times in the past…Lynn — behave yourself!
Seeing the pics of Jane and Sandi working the cutter and bender reminded me so much of last year. I’ve never seen people work so hard before. And Sandi — water, lots and lots of water!!!
Anyways, keep up the good work and keep the pics coming.
Much love, Bob

Hi all! Sounds like everyone is doing well and I am praying that God will continue to keep his protection on you.
Just want to say how proud I am of all of you. Keep up the good work . Wish I was there with you all. Leesa don’t forget to give Bianca a hug for me. I’m sure that she has grown a lot.
Lynn try and behave yourself. I know it’s hard when you include Pam and Kelly in the group. Lol.
For the newbies enjoy every minute of this trip. You have undoubtedly already been touched by the Haitians. Everyone does. To Bisson Luke and Lucders I send my blessings. God is using for his own purpose. Can’t wàir to hear more of your experiences.
God bless you all

Haha! There is a great picture of your mom this time, you guys need a photo together!

Anyways, I had a long flight home and went straight to my christmas party, it was a lot of fun and I won a funky camera thing.

And then I went home and was almost brought to tears by all of your surprises! Chloe you are so sweet and thoughtful.
I was totally not prepared for everything you did! But I love it. I really appreciate the effort you obviously went through to make me feel more at home here in our apartment.

I love you.

And I love all the notes you left me and my crooked little christmas tree!!! I love that the most! It’s from the grinch right>????? It’s amazing.

You found some really cool posters! Some I haven’t even seen. I love them all.

Thank you so much.

PS. Did you clean my car too?
PPS. The kitties aren’t home yet your dad hasn’t had time to drop them off but they are safe and he says they are having agreat time at vesnas! They should be home today!

Hi Britt,

Looks like they had you working on the construction team from the pictures.

It makes me feel bad that I am out in Nashville having some fun and your in Haiti doing some great work.

Miss you. Me:)

Awesome job on the blog Sandi and crew. I think I just trained my replacement. Lol Love the pics. Please get lots of baby blankets,hats and soup when it comes. Hope to hear the container is coming soon. Miss being there like crazy! Now that Kelly is there I have a feeling those sewing machines will be humming. Glenn, you continue to amaze, we can add master plumber and electrician to your resume. Team keep up the great work for you are a blessing to the Haitian people! Shawn. Dude, don’t tuck in scrubs. Lol
The Accountant.

Hi everyone & my Momma, Lammy–
Thinking of you on this rainy day in Southampton, Ontario and hoping you’re experiencing sunshine today!

Asked a special prayer in Church this am for you and the Haitian people. Enjoy the sun , snowing here.

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