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November 16, 2017

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Thursday November 16, 2017

Well, we were off to Croix-des Bouquets today to one of the schools there to hold a medical clinic for the people and children. We left Daisy and Hochi in charge of the camp and all the guys in construction. They gave us a great farewell before our departure with promises of dry laundry and supper waiting upon our return. Croix-des Bouquets was about a one and a half hour drive from Cabaret along bumpy roads that were filled with many Haitians as it was market day, so the streets were lined both sides with vendors looking to sell their wares. We stopped in Port au Prince to pick up our translators and were able to arrive at our destination before the rain came – yes, day #3 of rain! Upon arrival we were directed to a fairly large room available for us to use. Again we set up 4 medical stations as well as 2 dental stations and a pharmacy. This was done quickly and efficiently and soon we were ready to receive patients. When the rain came we soon found the old steel roof had a few holes in it – but nothing that an umbrella couldn’t fix!

Medical saw 130 patients today, mostly adults in the morning and then children in the afternoon when school was done for the day. For the most part the people there were healthy, but with the normal high blood pressure present in a lot of them. A surprise for the team came when we got there as there was a little boy there, David, who had been an orphan at our camp for the past 5 years, and was now going to school at Croix-des Bouquets, so it was like a family reunion when we saw him. He stayed with us for most of the day and was truly spoiled by everyone with hugs and candy! He loved getting his picture taken and was quite adept at striking a pose! We brought a hockey bag full of stuffed animals with us to hand out to the children that came through medical – some of the nurses even wrote out a prescription for one! Of course all the kids that were in school wanted one – so Jane played a game with them at the window and pretty much every little person went away with a stuffy!

Lynn met with the Director of the school and was quite impressed with how well everything was run there. They had 3 kindergarten classes – age 3, 4 and 5 and Grades 1 through 9 with 12 teachers holding valid certifications. She found that all the children’s schooling was paid for by their families, so there is a great nucleus in that community. The Director is a very caring woman and was gracious enough to cook a meal and share it with all the translators.

Dental, with Lesa and Chloe helping the dentists Jauvins and Gabowski had another busy day with many people waiting for their turn. They had a total of 12 patients today, mostly cleanings but there was one 15 year old girl who had an abscessed tooth and needed to have it extracted. They had lidocaine on site and the dentist, Gabowski with Chloe’s help were able to extract the tooth for her. The girl was scared, but Chloe held her head and talked her and kept her calm throughout the procedure. Way to go Chloe! There had been another girl in earlier in the day, that had needed more invasive dental work done, but her blood pressure when taken was 212 over 120 so she was told that it was very unsafe for her to have any work done that day. She was given pain pills and antibiotics to help until she was able to return to see another dentist. The Director of the school was very impressed with the work of the dental students and asked them if they would come back another time as there were many people that needed their help, and they said yes!

In construction, Luc met with the plumber who came in the morning to replace the water pump supplying the dorm bathrooms. The ladies have had only one toilet running the 17 of them! (and we all can understand what a trial that is!) After a sit-down with Glenn, things were worked out and with Dave and Shawn getting the wiring done, the new pump was all set up and running by the time the team returned at the end of the day. The ladies were very thankful for running toilets and water pressure in the showers! Daisy and Hochi were once again in construction helping with the re-bar preparing for another day of cement pouring. Together they cut 70 – 27 foot lengths of re-bar into almost 800 pieces! Quite an accomplishment ladies!! Hochi had trouble with the wiring of the re-bar until Glenn gave her a little tip on how to do it, and she now has the hang of it! The wall behind the orphanage is ready for cement tomorrow.

As we ride along in the tap taps here, we notice that each one has a scripture heading written on it. Grace took a picture of one and looked up the verse and this is what it said:

“No evil shall be allowed to befall you, no plague come near your tent. For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways”

A very fitting verse for us as we strive here to do the work of God.

To be a great leader, you must first be a servant.

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Chloe, love the hat. 😉
I see the pictures of you from today….You bring tears to my eyes…I know the heart you have to help people and I can only imagine how much inspiration you are sharing with all those for which you have given dental care too.
Stay well.

Awesome work Team!! So proud our girl Newbie Laura H. Love you honey ❤️❤️

We have enjoyed reading the blogs. It sounds like despite the rain you are getting lots done! Lammy I miss being by your side….
What blessings you all bring and in turn receive!
We pray for continued safety and success.
Love and greetings to each one of you. Great job!
Hugs for our Haitian friends Luc Paul, Bisson, Lucders, Pastor Charles, Antonine and Pastor Leon.

Wonderful job on blog and pictures — well done! It helps us all appreciate the hard work being done by all.

So good to see the kids smiling faces – sharing their joy and enjoying the attention and love.

Blessings to all!


Sounds like another great day. We too are sick and tired of rain here at home too. Laura H….you missed a fantastic episode of Survivor. I promised I wouldn’t tell you who was voted out, but it rhymes with…….
Have another fantastic day tomorrow. 17 ladies sharing one bathroom….yikes!

Great job! look like you had a good day. Keep up the good work and know that God will protect you. We are praying for you all. Hi Lesa miss you.

Road trip! Very exciting! Love the pictures.

Please tell Chloe I checked on the cats, her dad says they are okay but Kylie doesn’t like him, haha!

As for me I am heading home in 5 hours, today me and dad hiked up a mountain and spent the day together. It was pretty nice.

I’m happy to hear stories about all the good your group is doing! It was cool to hear the story about Chloe and the little girl. That’s my bae. She’s great with nervous people and so caring!

I’ve got to get some sleep. Hope everyone is staying safe and having a good time!

WoW! Amazing work!
We had freezing rain and high winds. Some of the surrounding area of Galt got snow. Its gone now. We are starting to stay in the lower temperatures, nothing higher then 12 during the day.
Have a wonderful night, tomorrow is a crazy PA day.
Shawn C- the kids were looking for a candy on Wednesday night, but they were loud and crazy.

Hi to everyone & my dear Mom, Lammy–
It’s wonderful to read the updates and see the photos! Hope everyone is healthy and happy. Mom, I’m remembering when you spoke with Desmond Tutu about Haiti…found one of his quotes for you today:
“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”

Moring everyone

Hey everyone!
I wanted to say that you are doing amazing work and you’re all such great work. I wish I could be there with you. If you get the chance to see Stanley I hope you say hi from me.
Hope you are having an amazing trip Mom! Love and miss you :)

Hi Dad ( David),

First of all i miss you so much! Nick and i got in safely late Tuesday night. Tonight im at the house with mom, putting together the trees and watching the cma awards.
We are so proud of you dad! You are such an inspiration to many! Continue to let God work through you during your journey in haiti.

Ps. Mom says hello ❤

We love you so, so, so much! Stay safe! Love you always,

Karen, Aislynn, & Nick

Hi. Sup, How’s the weather. I miss you. The boys miss you, the boys keep crying for you, they miss you. I keep telling them, you will be back soon and that you are doing good work. They calmed down and everything is fine. Robin has a cold or maybe allergic to the kitten, so we are leaving Mom’s place and going back home. Mom got a really nice t.v and a couch, I put it together for her, and she is really happy. Ikea and Best Buy. It took over three hours to set it up and three hours to program it. Say hi to Hochi. You guys look like you are having a great time. You shouldn’t be, get back to work. (Sarcasm)

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