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November 15th, 2017

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Wednesday November 15th

Rain rain! We have never had rain 2 days in a row before! It makes things a bit messy outside, especially for the construction crew, but it also keeps the very hot heat at bay! There was no chance that our laundry was going to dry on the clotheslines outside so after a bit of trial and error with the ceiling fans in the eating area, we were able to rig up a system to get them dry. After a breakfast of scrambled eggs, creamed wheat and fruit we were all set to begin a new day. We were ready to be humble, flexible and ready to serve God, for he will bless what we do and make amazing things happen each day! He already has this day planned for us, and we are along for the ride. Deb told us she is very thankful for God’s way of bringing this team together with everyone’s individual talents working to help the people of Haiti.

This was our first day of clinic and it was held here in Cabaret in the church. There were already people waiting to be seen before breakfast was finished. Four stations were set up, each with a translator – so with Lammy, Tom, Grace and Jessica all set to look at those in need of medical treatment, they were helped by Laura, Judith, Britt and Lesa helping the nurses gather information on the patients. Pam and Susan headed up pharmacy, so when the patients were done at their station they were given a script to take to pharmacy for their necessary medications. The medical team saw a total of 195 patients today. Newbie Laura was helping at a station and was taught how to use a blood pressure cuff and take babies temperatures. She was emotional at seeing all the sick children – a lot of them having high blood pressure at such a young age. Deb attended the medical clinic and sat in with Lammy and had high praise for her and the way she helped the Haitian people and how everything worked so well between the nurses, translators and patients. Tom had a set of 23 day old twins come see him – and he explained how important it was for the babies to be fed more formula so they could be healthier and grow. He also had a young woman sitting at his station that was in her last year of physicians school and was gaining experience at our medical clinic. It is inspiring to know that there is a younger generation here working to better their life and that of their country and its people. Chloe was working in dental today and for a time had her mom, Laura assisting her. Between Jouvins and the other dentist that was in training they saw 12 patients which they did full mouth cleanings on.

The Sponsorship group of Lynn, Jane and Sandi met with the director of the school this morning to ensure that the children who were in school and sponsored by MTH could be brought together. There were almost ¾’s of the needed children in attendance even though it was a rainy day! They all had their picture taken to update Lynn’s sponsor binder. It is amazing how much some of the children have grown in a year! We will catch up with the other children another day.

In construction things were going so well that they were ready to pour the footings for the wall behind the church before lunch. Dave, Shawn, Daisy and Hochi were out in the rain all day setting in re-bar while the Haitian workers were mixing cement. Hochi’s account of the day was – cut rebar, bend rebar, tie rebar and then move it here and there until it is all ready for the cement. They worked hard today in the rain and mud, and even Lucders was tired at supper time! Great job you guys!

Tomorrow we are off to Croix-des Bouquets – a town about 1 and a half hours away from here. We have never been there before so have no knowledge or expectations for what the medical clinic will be. More news after we return ….

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God give you strength and bless you

Sending best wishes to Judith and the rest of the team. Nice to see the photos and hope the rain clears for you all. All good here, keeping dad entertained. love Paul & Family

I’m sure Laura has shed enough tears today but give her another big hug from her mom and dad and tell her that we love her and are so proud of her. This experience is something she will cherish for the rest of her life. Maybe God will even use this trip to plant a seed of mission work as a nurse down the road. You also missed unpacking seven Avon boxes tonight so you’re brother has “graciously” stepped in and filled the role. Have another great day tomorrow team and keep letting the love of God shine.

What fulfilling work all of you are doing!! Pam’s family is very proud of the work she is doing in Haiti. Her sister Melissa and I are hoping to hear from her.
Linda Shuker
(Pam’s mom)

Hi mom and dad / grandma and papa

We miss you guys, but we’re excited to read the blog and watch pictures. Sounds like its a busy start to a few whirlwind days of work!

Hope you are enjoying the heat and sun and bring some back for us.

God bless,

(oh, the boys say that gma is still on an airplane in Haiti so they don’t get to see her on Friday, they miss you but love the pics!)

Sounds like another productive day, by a team that is ready to serve with giving hearts !!! You are all in our prayers and I wish you all a blessed and fullfilling experience . I only have one question as I read this Blog What’s Glenn doing ??? LoL just kidding Bud :) :) Blessings to you all

Hi mom,
You guys had no life group tonight so I drove to drop off Christal ans now we are hanging out at the mall.
I made sure to do the dishes and remind Christal to take out garbage and recycling.
Hope you are having a good time. Enjoy. I’m holding the fort down.
Happy whopper Wednesday
See you soon
Love G

Hi Grace,
“Only” 195 patients today? Sigh! A typical day in a Haiti medical clinic, isn’t it. Glad you are all able to help so many in need.
Blessings, Henry
p.s. still nothing broken in the living room or kitchen.

Hi Mom (Lammy),
Wonderful to read about you doing what you love– caring for people in a compassionate way. Miss you!

Hello all — so good to hear of the progress of all activities — with a special recognition of the small but mighty construction team!

Susan — Paula wanted you to know that her interview was successful and she is a happy camper tonight.

And may God support each of you with the wonderful work that you are doing for our Haitian brothers and sisters.

Warmest regards to all,


Love reading about ALL the work that is getting done.

Shawn C- Nights are long with crying girls, they miss you tons. I am going to plan father/ daughter dates for you. Hope the tooth isn’t bothering you to much. I made you a dentist appointment for when you get back.
And a little FYI from me to you- CHANGE YOUR CLOTHES! I don’t want to see you wearing the same clothes in all of the pictures. I know you have more then that blue shirt and grey shorts. Go job at using your coat.

To everyone else help up the amazing work! Stay dry! Can’t wait to hear about tomorrow.

Love the Cronin Crew

Sounds like a great day! I loved seeing the photos of Chloe helping in the dental office!

I’m very proud of you and I’m telling everyone how you went to help people!

Everyone is very impressed. The Camp and Chruch look great! I’m excited to hear about your first trip overseas.

I sent a message asking about the kitties. I’ll tell you when I get a response!

Hello to everyone …my your days are sooo full doing God,s work.An interesting fact for Susan …Russ was talking to Norm Clements today who is helping his brother with mission work in Bolivia .So nice to know how many people are out in the world making a difference….blessings ..Russ and Margy

Way to go construction team!! Rebar work is not fun but critical to the strength of your footings. I’m sure Hochi did a fantastic job! It’s not plumbing right Hochi? :)
Miss you Hochi and Daisy!! Please be safe and enjoy your opportunity to help!

To the rest of the team … enjoy the new town you are travelling to, the locals that need you I am sure will be very thankful to see you all and appreciate your hard work.

God bless the whole team!

See you very soon Hochi!!


Hey everyone keep up the good work, hope you have some better weather for the upcoming days. Lammy good to see your smiling face in some of the pictures. Thinking of you all.

Hi Tom and All,
I was waiting to hear how your first medical clinic went and I can clearly envision how your day unfolded. It must have felt rewarding and exhausting providing care to 195 eagerly waiting patients. The turn out clearly speaks to the need!
Best wishes to all as you continue your mission.
Love Jean

Hi daddy I miss you. I wish you could come home;
I love you daddy.

Hi Daisy and Hochi!! It looks you guys are working pretty hard. Things are going well here. The babies are happy. Baby isn’t as fond of the kitten anymore because she bit his toes. Then when he tries to kick the kitten away, the kitten bites them again. We have to use the spray water bottle to chase the kitten away. Robbie enjoys the bottom drawer on my fridge because that is where the freezer is and he has easy access to the popsicles. He practices mixing colours to make new colours on his tongue. Rob is good. He visited Sam before we left. Rob brought him over, it was nice seeing him, he is such a sweet guy. Sam took the jeep. Rob was pretty tired the first few days because of his disrupted sleep pattern, driving to the airport and stuff and I am at work all day so he is still up all day. But even when I get home, I tell him to catch up on his rest, and the baby is constantly calling “DOW DOW!!! POPO!!! or “DOW DOW, POOP!!” But he is doing much better now. He fixed my laptop. I couldn’t get the dvd to play my movies. He turned it on, put in the movie and it worked. WTH!!! We show the babies the pictures of you in Haiti, they LOVE to see the photos of you and Hochi. They yell and point shouting “MOMMA!! EE!!!” as they jump up and down. I am enjoying the babies so much. I hope you are taking lots of pictures. You two are doing such amazing work!!! You must be sore at the end of the day, but a good sore, just like the marathon was a good sore. Love you!!

Hi Judith,
It is amazing to hear how many people you are helping medically. It is also great to see the photos. It really gives a great perspective of the facilities. I’m sorry to hear about the rain but at least it is warm there. We had snow here on Monday.

Hi Grandma (Lammy) – I hope you are having a good time in Haiti. Bye.

Love, Ajay

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