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November 24th Thursday Final Day

Posted by MTH-Team | Posted in General | Posted on 11-24-2016 7:02 PM


November 24th Thursday Final Day

Today was our last day here in Haiti – it was a day of rest at Kaliko where we enjoyed the beach and pool, a great meal (including a birthday cake for Glenn!) and each other’s companionship. This was such an amazing team! Everyone worked so well together and we had such fun together as well! The nights of sitting around playing cards or spoons (with medical on standby) was so much fun! It’s crazy how we are all like family to each other! We are hoping it isn’t too cold or there’s too much snow when we get home!

Goodbye Haiti … we will all miss you and the people and can’t wait until we can return once more to be the hands and feet of God to help the children of this country.

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Well done team!! Congratulations on all that you have accomplished during this trip! So nice to see all of you enjoying a poolside rest and to see the sun shining as well!!

Wishing you a safe journey home – God bless each and every one of you ❤️

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