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November 23rd Wednesday

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November 23rd Wednesday

The journey to Les Cayes …

The day began at 4 am – we were up bright (well, maybe not so bright) but it was definitely early, to try and get on the road before traffic got busy and slowed our progress. Glenn was also up to see us on our way. Pastor Charles drove into Port au Prince to pick up our driver, Reginald, who was also a police officer. This gave us some reassurances for travelling through the many unknown communities and on unfamiliar roads. He would take us to a small community just outside of Les Cayes, called Lieve, that had been devastated by the hurricane and the rains that had followed. It was his home and community that we would be travelling to for the food distribution. A local truck from Lieve had made the trip into our camp a day earlier and picked up the food bags of Gleaners soup mix and the mixed bags of rice, beans and oil, along with small bags of medications that the team had made up on the Friday night before – the truck had gone ahead so that everything was there before us.

The first 2 and a half hours of travel were spent on main roads through small towns along the coast line, where evidence of the hurricane and flooding were present in the destruction of homes along the way. The main road into Les Cayes was still severely damaged by the floods so we had to take an alternate route there which eventually had us leaving the main road to travel more inland – and so for the next hour and 40 minutes it was a very bumpy ride along roads that were almost impassable and were virtually no more than dried up creek beds left this way from the raging flood waters. We had to take small detours around bridges that had been washed out – drive on a narrow pathway between boulders that had cascaded down the mountain from the flood waters and were as large as the truck, and we even had to drive through streams that were 25-30 feet wide – at one point getting stuck and having to put the vehicle into 4 wheel drive to reach the safety of the other side. Waterways under bridges had widened 3 times their normal size due to the amount of flood waters rushing through them. Yards and yards of silt had built up and they had brought in bulldozers to try and remove the silt to make the waterways the way they had once been before.

We passed a Catholic church on the way into Lieve, Saint Catherine’s, that had had its roof lifted off from the winds of the hurricane. We walked through the church where all the chairs were set back in even rows making the missing roof seem unreal. There were workers there preparing the trusses so that a new steel roof could be nailed on. The priest there is a friend of Pastor Charles, and one of the connections that enabled us to do this food distribution for the people in need.

Reaching Lieve and Reginald’s home around 9:30, we were introduced to his mother whom we thanked for opening up her home to us. We began organizing for the food distribution as there were hundreds of people waiting outside the house for this to begin. Tickets had been handed out ahead of time to those that were most in need of assistance. This small community had lost everything in the hurricane and floods. Not only had roofs been stripped from their homes but crops of corn, bananas, sweet potatoes and oranges, along with full coffee plantations were gone! They had relied on these crops to feed themselves and to sell for money. For 2 weeks after the hurricane rains came down and washed everything away. It was 3 weeks after the hurricane before any relief could be given to the people of Les Cayes and the surrounding areas as all the roads were impassible and helicopters were needed in order to gain access to the people that had been affected.

The distribution in Lieve went very well! There were 400 people that we were able to help with soup, food, vitamins and medications, and they were all very thankful that we were there to help them. Pastor Charles and Ed told them how sorry we were that they had been so affected by the hurricane and flooding and we hoped that what we were able to offer, would help them. One could see by looking at the people how much in need of help they were. Thanks go to Calvary Pentecostal, the Bridge-a Markham Community Church and Emmanuel Reformed churches for their contributions to enable this blessing to happen.

Today was our last day offsite for construction, sponsorship and medical, with all teams being in Port au Prince at different locations. Medical has seen over 1200 patients this trip, construction has completed their church project and sponsorship has added 32 new children to their sponsor list. The remaining 12 goats were given out to families from Saint Marc today. They were brought here by tap tap and it was quite the sight to see everyone with their goat loaded up for the ride home. Tomorrow we will have a day of rest in Kaliko as our container is not going to make it here in time for us to unload it before leaving for home. We have all bonded together so well with each other on this trip and many new lasting friendships have been formed. We look forward to seeing each other again perhaps on future trips back to Haiti.

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I am very happy to hear that Pastor Charles, Ed and Sandy made it back to Cabaret safe and sound. It seems like such an amazing thing to have done for the people of Lieve and I can only imagine the gratitude on their faces!
I would just like to say how absolutely amazing it was to work with all of you this during this past week Each and every one of you are incredible and I truly feel priveledged to have had a chance to work along side you and now call you my friends!
Thank you to Susan for inviting me along onthis trip and giving me that little nudge i needed to sign myself up for it. Thank you to Lyn and Glenn for taking on MTH and giving so much of yourselves to this organization. And last of all a big thank you to Lammy for taking me under her wing this past week, training me and allowing me to graduate from Lammy’s School of Nursing! Please know that each of you now have a very special place in my heart. May God bless you and bring you all home safely to your families. Love Britt

So thankful you had a safe and successful trip to Lieve and back. The pictures tell the story well!
Great work team in all the different locations!
I can picture it all. You have been a blessing and I am sure you have been blessed! Thank you for reaching out to the Haitian people we have a soft spot in our hearts for!
Have a safe trip home! Hope you had a good day debriefing and relaxing.

wow what a nice way to end the trip. it amazes me how little it takes to feed so many over there. and to see that the medical team got to see 1200 people !! what a blessing you guys are to haiti. lammies school of nursing graduates can print out there diplomas on line once back in canada!! do take out mal-practice insurance as well! looking forward to seeing you back at home mom. excited for stories and pics
love greggy

Hi Dad/David,

We have enjoyed hearing the stories and looking at the pictures of what the team is doing! You are all absolutely amazing!!!!
Dad we can’t wait for you to come home! We miss you so much! It has been snowing today :) ! But it is calling for freezing rain over night… the weather has been a little crazy!!!
We are counting down the days until you are home!
Love always,

Karen and Aislynn

Wow!! Sounds like you had quite the journey into Lieve! And some great pictures to go along with it! It’s amazing that you’ve been able to help so many people over the course of your trip! Mom (Sandi), we’re all looking forward to having you home soon!! Love you!
P.S. The girls miss their Grandma!!!

HI Ed!
We’re glad you have had a safe mission both today and so far in this trip. We wish you safe travels and we look forward to seeing you back at home

Awesome job! A very moving account, thanks for allowing us to ‘come along for the ride’, so to speak. Gratifying to see relief getting through to those who truly need it.
God bless you for your exertions in being His hands and limbs of mercy!

Hello Team,

So great to hear about all the amazing things that God did over the past 10 days! Thanks for keeping us updated with the blog & for posting pictures. It’s almost as good as being there. Safe travels home, and Junior, please give a big hug to Joyce for us. Happy Birthday Glenn. May God continue to bless you as you reach out to our friends in Haiti.

Wow, 1200 people seen by medical. That is a lot of difference making, outstanding job! Susan, we miss you soooo much, cant wait for a big hug when you get home.

Hi Mom (Lammy) – great to see things have been going well in Haiti. Rob and I made it home last night from our trip and everything was well in hand here with Dad in charge! Hope your travels home go smoothly and we look forward to talking to you soon!!

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