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November 22nd Tuesday

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November 22nd Tuesday

Sorry to be a day late in posting Tuesday’s stories – the bloggers were stuck in rush hour traffic downtown Port au Prince for a couple of hours and it was late upon their return home. The pictures posted today will be of those we didn’t get up the day before due to the internet not working properly. This is all on Haitian time of course!

The construction team had an early start to their morning, wanting to get to the job site early to ensure that they stayed on schedule for completing the forms in time for concrete to be poured Wednesday. This is a well oiled team that works awesome together with Scott and Bob leading them, and they were able to finish what was needed. The concrete will go ahead as planned first thing Wednesday morning. We all can’t believe the difference in this construction project from last week to now. This new church will be a lot bigger than their old one, and will have room for many more to come worship.

Medical was at Christa College today and saw 206 patients there. Most were children that attended the school, but a few adults that needed attention were also seen. When the team arrived back at camp they also gave the orphans their annual checkup and saw a few other patients from the community that had come into the compound.

Sponsorship was at Christa College as well taking updated photos of sponsored children there and ensuring that everyone who is a sponsored child is attending school. It is amazing how much some of the kids have grown since the last time we saw them.

Pastor Charles, Ed and Sandi were up at 4 am and off to Les Cayes to do a food distribution there. We will catch up with their stories and photos on tomorrow’s blog.

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Saw this today and thought of the MTH team
Be present
Let the day flow with grace
Expect joy. Be positive
Serve with compassion
Speak only kindness
Impart only love
Never forger your not alone
Give thanks for everything
See goodness in others

Blessings is what you ALL truly are
Lynn so beautiful to see you face light up holding the little one. Enjoy your day at Kaliko tommorrow…a day well DESERVED for all. Safe travels home on Friday

Hi Dad and Mom (Glenn and Lynn)

Missing you both. Nice to see you both in lots of pictures! Glad to hear that the newborn baby in Traveau was able to spend some time with you, Mom! Super-Mom(Grandma) to the rescue :)
Happy birthday tomorrow, Dad! Hope you are able to relax a little bit in Kaliko before coming home. Travel Safe. Love you both lots!

Nice to read the blog again. We missed it!
Great the work is going so well and on schedule for construction.
Amazing how many people were seen by the medical team! Good work team! Many people were blessed and feeling better, I am sure.
What special moments for you Lynn! Wonderful you had stayed behind and were able to help this poor mom and baby. Truly a God thing!
Exciting that the sponsorship program continues!
Have a fun time at Kaliko and safe travels home on Friday!
Love and prayers for all of you! Have a Happy Birthday Glenn!

Really moving to read about the young man who came back to visit after his life was impacted so literally through the care of a MTH team. What a privilege you all have to make small and huge differences as you tangibly share God’s love among the people of Haiti. Proud of you guys and a hug to my dear mom (Lammy)!

Hi Lammy and team! The other day I sort off signed of for the amazing trip you are having. The best wishes for you’re safe trip home still stands. The real reason I’m writing is to wish Glenn a happy birthday. So Glenn I would like to wish you a very Happy birthday and my the Lord give you many more good an happy years in good health with you’re family and friends. So Lammy if you want to give Glenn a hug for me that would be alright but don’t squeeze him to tight after all he is older now. Ok all till later. Walt

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