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November 21st Monday

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November 21st Monday

We talked about challenges today – that there are a lot of things we need to do in our life that maybe we don’t want to – like speaking in front of people can be a challenge for some. Put your challenge to God for he has a plan for you to share what you have with those around you.

Today both the medical and construction teams will be in Port au Port offsite together for the first time. Medical will be holding a clinic at Pastor Leon’s school where the church is being built.

Today was a day in the life of Dora the doll. Dora started out her journey to Haiti in Lammy’s suitcase. She rode by tap tap to Port au Prince, keeping Scott company along the way. In pharmacy she helped Pam count some pills for patients and she had a clean checkup in dental with Junior and Lesa. She was able to lend a hand in construction with Bob and Jane, and she even helped Kaitlin with some much needed measuring. She finally made it back to medical, and just in time as there was one final job for to do today … a woman with 2 small girls came into the clinic. They had lost their husband and father during the floods from the hurricane. All 3 had pneumonia. They were given the medicines they needed to help with their illnesses and then Dora was placed in the arms of one of the little girls. Her eyes lit right up and a big smile was on her face as she gave her new doll a tight hug. Dora’s journey was now complete.

With Judith on crowd control duty guarding the medical team’s door and escorting the patients into the room to receive attention, the team saw 196 patients today. During the day the man who’s life the team saved a few years ago stopped by. When he was terribly ill the team had given him inhalers with necessary medicine to make him well. He wanted a picture of him with Lammy as a keepsake. He became a teacher at the school there, and is now a pastor. Britt said that today they had a lot of chest infections and pneumonia patients. There were also many young people between the ages of 18 and 30 that had such high blood pressure that if they were in Canada with those readings they would be immediately hospitalized.

The construction team is ahead of schedule! They will be reading for concrete to be poured on Wednesday. Bob and Ron are so amazed at how well the construction crew has come together and worked so well and so hard on this project. They will have an early start tomorrow morning to ensure that they are finished by day’s end.

Lyn remained back at camp today to see sponsored children that were unable to be here the other day when needed. The gentleman from last week that had asked about getting a new roof came today with a detailed proposal for costs for his roof which will be put forth to the board for approval and perhaps a future project. Around 3:30 Lyn heard someone calling her name. She went out and saw that the young mom was there with her 3 day old baby. She had walked all the way down the hill from Traveau as she had been told that there would be some money for her to purchase food with. The baby was very lethargic and mom was not well herself. Lyn took them in and encouraged the mom to feed the wee babe and then to rest herself. She was placed on a mattress in the women’s dorm so she could sleep, while Grandma Lyn rocked and cuddled the baby girl. She will spend the night here in the compound to regain some strength before going back home tomorrow.

Pastor Charles, Ed and Sandi will leave early in the morning to travel to Les Cayes to do a food distribution there for the many people that were affected by the hurricane and floods. The team prepared some medical bags of tums and vitamins that they will take with them. They ask for prayers for a safe journey there and back.

apologies for not too many pictures tonight – the internet was not cooperating! Will try and get the rest up for tomorrow nights blog.

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you guys are awesome.
Iv’e got 4 days to put everything back ,to the way it was .
you ,the team have 4 days to do what youve been called to do .Thoughts are with you,s

Praying for you all. Can’t wait to see a photo of our sponsored little girl.

Great job team! We are enjoying reading the blog each night and seeing the smiles on both the Haitians and the teams faces! You are making a difference!
Scott you are missed at home but we see God is using your talents for a great purpose! We are very proud of you! Keep smiling son!
Thank you to all of you! You are the hands and feet of Jesus!

Hi Lammy and team! Wow it’s hard to believe that the trip is coming to the end of the line. So I guess one more day of Medical and construction then it’s off to Kalico. From the blog I can read of all the hard work you guys did, and in the pictures we could see the love an compassion each and every one of you put in you’re work. Great job guys. So I would like to wish you a safe and enjoyable trip home .best wishes an love to all.walt. p.s. Lammy could you say hi to Paster Charles and Bisson and the rest of our Haitian friends for me , luv ya

Love the Dora pictures and the smile of Dora’s new “mommy”. Thanks for daily stories, Lynn and Glenn we look forward to seeing you soon and listen to your stories. Keep po the awesome work the rest of the team soon your smiles will warm us all up when you come home. Safe travels all.

What an awesome team! Bless you guys! Such joy to see the happy faces.

Hello Susan, Jessica and team — so pleased to see the smiling faces – with kids and goats:) Wish I could be there – I am missing the excitement and joy that is being expressed in each picture as you interact with our Haitian friends.

What a wonderful job on the blog — just loved the Dora journey story – it could be a best seller children’s book as it tells such a touching and memorable story.

Such good progress on the construction project — well done team! You must all be proud of the lasting legacy that you are building on Port au Prince.

Very best wishes and lots of prayer for all of you as you work through this last week.

Love to all,

Hi Ron and team.
Wow you all have been very busy. What an awesome job. Great to see the smiles on the Haitians and all of your faces. The Dora doll was a hit. Great to see. Look forward to reading the blog and seeing the pictures every night. Miss you lots and so very proud of you. Xo

Hi Team!

I am Praying for you for safety and favour with all you are doing to bless so many! It is always humbling to read the blog and hear all that God is accomplishing! Stay strong and healthy and may you have safe travels when you return. Please tell the kiddos that Pastor Heidi says Hello! And a big Hello to Bisson, Luc, Junior and Big.

Blessings, Heidi

Hello to Susan
Heading to Cuba tomorrow so will wish you and the team a successful mission and safe return home .i hope you can connect with Kenzy Susan …can,t wait to see all your pictures .What wonderful people all of you are !!
Blessings Margy

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