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November 20th Sunday

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November 20th Sunday

We say good-bye to Judson today. Such an asset to this team, and we will all miss him!

We all went to service this morning joining in with the community people attending. Pastor Charles talked about the needs that people have and to put your needs to Jesus for wherever you are he will see you. Put your faith in Jesus for he has compassion and he will understand your needs, meet them and solve your problems. We were all amazed at the beautiful music today. There was not a book in sight for musicians or singers, yet they were flawless!

After the service we all stayed to socialize with everyone from the community. Seeing familiar faces from past trips that we have not yet seen on this one – the smile on their faces as their eyes light up in recognition. The children all wanted their picture taken, and of course they were all looking for a little something extra. A candy or a chicklet, which is what they call gum.

We quickly had lunch then got organized for the food and goat distribution. The crowd of families that were to receive food bags from Mission to Haiti were lining up outside the church doors. There were 376 bags of food given out today. Pastor Charles determines who in the church and community will receive a food bag or a goat. Some of the orphan boys have moved back with their families as their parents now feel they are able to support them, so as a gift those families were each given a goat. There were 46 goats handed out today to families in Cabaret and there are 12 goats left to be taken to Saint Marc to needy families there. Everyone was so appreciative of what they received from us today. Big smiles, handshakes and hugs! We had one elderly couple here that were both blind. She could see just a teeny bit, so she lead the 2 of them in and out of the grounds – him grasping the precious food bag and following by hanging onto the cane she extended back for him to hold.

Once goat distribution was done a few team members ventured outside of the compound walls on a hike through the community and some even went further to our houses on the hill in Traveau. Lesa conquered her fear of crossing the aqueduct today with Jane behind her encouraging her every step of the way! Jess was amazed at how the kids, wearing nothing but loose sandals, were able to run up and down the steep gravelly slopes of the hill. Once in Traveau the team was welcomed into houses there to have a look inside. A few days ago Lammy and the medical team had seen a woman in labour at the Cabaret clinic, and today those that went to the hill saw her with her 3 day old baby girl. The mom is living with relatives and has no money – she is malnourished and unable to produce milk to feed her child. Kaitlin was quite concerned for her health and the baby’s, so at supper tonight we decided as a team that we would take up a collection for this young mom to help her out. The money we collect will be given to Pastor Charles to give to her, so the people will see that it is the church that is supporting her.

Tomorrow we will travel into Port au Prince as a team and hold clinic at Pastor Leon’s school which is located at the construction site where the church is being built.

Shout out from Lammy to the DeRuiter, Mandair-Conlin families. All is well! Love you all! Hope Poppa is learning lots from the boys!

Sandi says ‘thank you” to everyone who wished her a Happy Birthday! It was a great day!

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Hi everyone! love seeing these pictures with all the smiles (and sweat) on your faces from all your hard work helping our Haitian brothers and sisters.
I was just thinking how much you must be saving on bandaids with Shawn not being there this year. lol
Big shout out to my girls Pam, Lynn, Lammy and Susan! and you too Ed! ok….you are no girl… but i did promise to say hello! Thank you for being my mule this year and getting my gift boxes to my kids :)
Enjoy your last week everyone, i will be praying that the container makes it BEFORE Thursday so you can enjoy your day at Kaliko.
Be safe, and big hugs to you all! XOXO

Hi Lammy and fellow goat herders! Good to see the joy on your faces and the joy on the Haitian people’s faces of helping and being helped. I am sure that everyone that have family and friends in Haiti working with M T H Canada are as proud as I’am to have a loved one there doing a great job. Keep up the great work. May the lord be with you all and give you a safe and wonderful to all Walt. P.s. Lammy the boys told me to say hii

The goat pics are fantastic. Love reading the blog…something new, something old, memories and progress all combined to make me wish I was there. Blessings all! It’s snowing and blowing here so soak in the sunshine.

Enjoyed seeing familiar team member faces and several new ones in the pictures. I really thought about how beneficial the food distribution is to the Haitian people while I helped pull beets last Tuesday that were destined to go to the Gleaner facility in Cambridge. I felt connected to your efforts as I was ice packing my sore back that night. All good. The weather has been a roller coaster ride here in Ontario. I was golfing on Friday and sweeping snow off the car on Sunday. Enjoy the rest of your mission trip and stay safe.

Sak Passe!

I first must commend Sandi and Ed on the awesome job they are doing with the blog….. good job you two.

As you can probably tell, I arrived home safely but with regrets that I am missing out on the final 5 days. It was an awesome experience being with each and every one of you last week. The laughter we shared, the knowledge that was exchanged, the genuine love we had for not only the Haitian people but for each other, is something I will miss over the next 5 days. I am thankful I was able to meet each one of you, and I look forward to reconnecting with you all in the future. Enjoy the remainder of your trip, continue to make an impact on the Haiti people, and God Bless.

On a side note, I took a selfie with Wyclef at the airport yesterday…. :-)

Looks like you had a good Birthday mom! I really like the pictures of the playgrounds (can you take more?) and the goats :) Glad it has been such a successful trip so far :)

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