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November 19th Saturday

Posted by MTH-Team | Posted in General | Posted on 11-19-2016 7:48 PM


November 19th Saturday

Today is Saturday – a day of rest for us, although we were still up early this morning for a 7 am breakfast and then on the road by 8 to head out for the day.

We drove into Port au Prince and started up the hill towards the Baptist Mission stopping at the metal works market to do a bit of shopping. Beautiful pieces of metal, some painted – a lot of paintings and sculptures for sale by vendors. We arrived at the Baptist Mission for an early lunch at their modern restaurant where hamburgers and fries were available much to everyone’s delight. We had an hour and a half to eat and browse the grounds of the Mission, where they have a museum, a hospital and a zoo. The outside terrace view from the restaurant was amazing! Rolling hills of patchwork greens were carefully laid out for growing crops and there were greenhouses visible where product was grown as well.

Outside the gates of the mission on the streets were more vendors, so if you didn’t get what you wanted earlier, now was another chance! We then travelled to Lookout Point where we had a beautiful view of Port au Prince from high above. We were surprised at how clear the view was today as in the past there is usually a haze of smoke hanging over the whole city. We were able to pick out the port where our container is waiting in customs and some even said they were sure they saw OUR container! We are still hoping to have the container delivered this week for a hurried unpacking to enable us to distribute sponsorship boxes to eagerly awaiting children.

We then travelled down to the Caribbean market to do some personal shopping. The market had just about anything you could want, and it was already decorated for Christmas – from a laughing Santa greeting us outside to many types of Christmas trees available for purchase. Fruits, vegetables, yoghurt, chocolate, pop and yes, even Starbucks Frappuccino’s for those in dire need! We made our purchases and continued on to Domino’s Pizza for supper where we were joined by Bisson and Judith fresh from the airport. Judith had been unable to travel with us as a group last week due to an illness, but is now here for the rest of our stay. Welcome Judith!

Tonight we will prepare another 150 bags of food to add to the already 700 bags that were made up last night for food distributions. Tomorrow morning we will attend a service at the church here, distribute food in the afternoon and we will also be handing out goats to those families in the community that the pastor has deemed needy of such a gift.

On all our travels today there were hundreds and thousands of campaign signs all indicative of the election being held tomorrow. We have heard that in Port au Prince the people will wait in line for hours on end to vote. There are over 120 political parties here in Haiti, and at the start of the election campaigns here they could have as many as 80 or 90 candidates running for election. They are now down to 5 candidates for tomorrows vote. There are actually a couple of candidates that the people here feel would serve their country as they would like to see. Time will tell …

… tomorrow we say good-bye to one of our team members. “Dr.” Judson will be flying home tomorrow and we will miss him a great deal! Wishing him safe travels.

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Hi Mom (Sandi),

Wow, sounds like you had a nice day off in Port au Prince! We just wanted to wish you a happy early birthday for tomorrow. Hopefully you can see the link we’ve shared for you! Sounds like you’ve been very busy this week- hopefully you get a little play tomorrow and it’s not all work! Can’t wait to celebrate with you next Sunday when you’re home.


Katie, Jenni and Danielle

P.S. Did you write this blog post today? Sounds a lot like your writing! LOL

Hi Dad / David

We miss you!!!! Mom and I were at the church all day and then we decorated the trees with Nick. We are watching a Christmas movie and thinking about you!
We are so proud of you and we are continuing to pray that God guides you over the next week!

Love you from,
Your true love Karen & favourite daughter Aislynn 😉

Hi to my friends in Haiti!!
I love seeing the photos and hearing the stories. It always brings back many memories!
Keep up the awesome work and enjoy your stay!
Love you guys

Will be praying for the people of Haiti – and safety of everyone, including yourselves – during the election tomorrow.

Hello Friends,

Thank you for all of your updates and pictures. We continue praying for you and the people in Haiti. We miss you, Susan, Sue, Lesa, Judson and everyone else working so hard to assist the beautiful people of Haiti. Bless you.

Deb C.

P.S. Glenn and Lynn…is January happening? :)

Happy Birthday Sandi! Hope you are enjoying your birthday in Haiti.

Happy Birthday Sandi! What a special birthday to celebrate in Haiti! Blessings and hugs.
I think it will be an exciting day today. May you all feel blessed as you blessed others.
Praying for all of you to have a great, productive, healthy and safe week. Thank you for continuing the work amongst our Haitian friends.

hi guys. its pretty awesome to see so much getting done over there. you guys are all making us so proud . we pray that you guys have a great trip and make some lives better. hopefully there are some better candidates for the elections there than the states had this year!! hi mom, looks like your kicking butt at the clinics…keep it up. looks like i might have to shovel your driveway tomorrow. boo
love ya . greggy

Hi Lesa, I can read that you are having a great time. You are so blessed to have this opportunity to serve. I spoke to the girls yesterday and they are fine. You and the team are in my daily prayers. Keep up the good works Mission Team and may you all get home safely.

God Bless and keep you all,

Love and appreciation for all you are all doing.


Hello team — sure seems like you are all busy – happy to see a picture of Susan – happy as always in Haiti. A number of our friends at the bridge send their love and well wishes.

All is good here, but cold and snow in air today.

Like all of you, I am praying that the container can be delivered – it will bring food for many and joy for sponsored kids.

Best wishes for another successful week.

Love t all,


I’m reading these posts and missing Haiti right now. I need to come back on one of the teams soon. I haven’t seen Lammy in ages! Someone give her a hug on my behalf.

I’m glad to hear things are going so well. Lesa, I’m looking forward to hearing about your experiences when you get back. I hope you are being blessed by this experience even as you bless others.

I’m praying for you all and praying that the container is able to make it before you have to return.



Hi Jane
Missing u here today. Hope all is well!

Hello Jane. Just thinking of you. Missing you here in Drayton. Hoping that you are having better weather there then over here. I’m anxious to hear about your trip.

Hi Aunt Jane!! We miss you today and hope you are doing well!!

Hi Jane! Hope you are having a great time, missing you here for our family Christmas! See you when you get back!

Merry Klasen christmas

Merry Christmas! Hope you’re having a great time in Haiti!

Hello Team. All is well here .
Enjoy your next week.
Hi to Jane

Merry Klasen Christmas!

Hi Lammy and team,
Wonderful to read about all of your good work, how education is deeply valued by the families you are helping, how you are caring for the people there and each other, and of course how you are enjoying learning more about Haiti and interacting with the people there. Curious to hear about the election and hope all is well with all of you!

Hello to Susan and team
Well a vey light snow today….a lovely day for Santa Claus parade …glad you had such a fun day! Picture of Jessica was sooo cute ..hugs for her. You have to love nurses!
Kisses margy

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