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November 18th Friday

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November 18th Friday

Bob started our day off with a devotion. “Put all your trust in God – acknowledge Him and he will make sure you can get to where you are going”

The sponsorship team of Lyn, Jane, Ed, Sandi, Bisson and Luc went into Port au Prince to the area where Bisson and his brother Luc have children (OA) that are sponsored to attend different schools. They have approximately 80-90 children that are sponsored from Junior Kindergarten right up to university level. They have been running this sponsorship program for the children since April of 2003. All the children greeted us with smiles, handshakes and hugs and even though it wasn’t a school day they all came in their uniforms as asked. One of the fathers of a sponsored boy stood and through Bisson translating for him said how thankful he was that his son had the opportunity for an education so that he would have a better life. Another mother is also very thankful that her children have the opportunity to attend school, but she told Lyn that they live in a very corrupt area of town and she is scared for her children. She asked if we would pray for their safety and if there was any way we could help move them to a safer neighborhood. A story that tugs at Lyn’s heart.

Ed saw his sponsored child from OA today and he couldn’t believe how much she had grown since the last time he saw her. He’s very grateful to be able to come to Haiti to see her and her mother and talk to them about how they are doing. His sponsored child has told him that she wishes to become a nurse when she is older and that made him feel so proud!

The construction crew – which now officially includes Kaitlin – and also Jane was dropped off there after lunch when she was done at sponsorship, started removing forms from the poured concrete. This was frustrating to Kaitlin as it was difficult to break apart the forms as fast as what she wanted – the crew was hoping to save the screws to be used again. She was glad to move to rebar after lunch. They cut and cut and cut the rebar, then bent it to the shape needed. The areas where the concrete was poured were backfilled today and they also began building forms for the columns. Another hot day on the site! Extra water containers for them were dropped off to see them through the afternoon. Scott said it was a productive day as they got into a groove building the forms and he was happy with their progress.

It is a holiday here in Haiti – a Holy day – to remember those that fought for their freedom. A lot of stores were closed so shopping for supplies was a bit difficult. The construction team needed more screws, but all the Eco stores were closed today. They will have to wait until tomorrow. It is also the last day that parties here can officially campaign before the election this Sunday.

The medical team was off to Montrois today to hold a clinic there. Again, they saw a lot of patients with high blood pressure, ulcers, skin infections, scabies and bug bites. A 1 year old baby was so dehydrated and malnourished that he could not stand on his legs – they were just like jello. His grandmother was taught about his nutrition needs to help the baby grow and strengthen. They saw 133 patients today of which 20 were dental. Judson was once again on guard duty culling those with ‘real’ medical issues. There are a lot of Haitians who come to medical clinics for the attention and possible free handouts, so Judson is checking them all over first to ensure they truly do need attention. He is now known as Dr. Judson!

Tonight after supper we prepared food bags for distribution with rice, beans and oil. This will be distributed on Sunday. The whole team went to the church and with the aid of the orphan boys they were able to fill over 700 bags. We can’t wait to see how excited the families will be on Sunday to receive the food.

Tomorrow we head up to the Baptist Mission for a day of rest where we will stop at various markets along the way and perhaps purchase some souvenirs of our trip.

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Hi Dad (David)

Wowza sounds like a very exciting day! We are all so proud of you and we miss you dearly! Today the weather was amazing… 20 out! But tomorrow they are calling for snow!
Nick and Brandon say hi and they are looking forward to hearing about your trip! They are both at the house tonight helping me put up the trees!

Love you so much dad!

Hi Kaitlin and rest of team!
It looks like you’re working hard and having fun!! Kaitlin we think you should change your profession to construction! Our prayers are with you all daily! Enjoy a well deserved day off tomorrow.
Love you Kaitlin!
Mom and Dad

Hello to Susan and the rest of the team
Today was a very warm sunny 20 degrees but I think we are coming to the end of this mild weather.We are packed and ready to head to Cuba next Wednesday to see our family .We in Canada are so fortunate,it is heartwarming to hear of the number of people helping those less fortunate with God and love in their hearts. You all should be so proud of yourselves.You are doing wonderful work .i miss you Susan Xxoo Margy

Hi All, guess where i am:) time is 4:30am :) see you all soon. You look like you had another full day plus yesterday. Trust the newbees enjoyed the rice bagging. Did i see a photo of my little guy:) Judson, not sure if you go back today. Have good flight back
. If you get to the mission place today can i put an order in for two small bottles of vanila. Susan and Lammy i assume you will stay behind today. Lynn would you be able to buy for me ? Thank you. Blessings to all.

Yeah MTH
Canada has just committed 54 million dollars to aid Haiti over 5 years with 2.5 million as immediate relief…..taxes well spent. Kisses to Susan

Hello Haiti team. Ed, we’re so glad you’re able to rejoin the Haitian mission trip. May God’s grace and love fill all of you to overflowing. Keep sending the heat up here – we love 18 degrees in November.

Hi to Lammy from Greg, Mel, Ryan and Lisa,
Nicole & Mike’s wedding was beautiful, and we’re looking forward to a fun evening. Everyone sends their well wishes. Love and miss you!

Good day all. Hope you all enjoyed your trip to the mission today. It is so great to see the team working so passionately, putting those bags together is a lot of fun. Lynn and Glenn hugs from Randy and I and look forward to the daily blogs. I assume it’s Sandy blogging and we appreciate it so, pictures are awesome. Ed it was such a great day to golf here yesterday but Randy restrained himself because his golfing buddy was a little busy. Lammy its great to see you doing what you do so well to help the Haitians. Keep up the good work ALL. God bless and continued safety

Great to read about all you are doing for the betterment of Haiti. Such a blessing to them as well as yourselves!
Hope you had a fun, safe day of xploring today!
Have a blessed Sunday! Worship and distributing food makes that an extra special day.
Thank you for the postings on the blog!
Praying for continued success and safety.

Hello team

Great to read about the progress and help you are offering. Hello to the gang you know who you are. Lammy I know you miss me but I am thinking about you and the work you do with the Haitians and I wish I was there with you. Lynn and Pam stay away from the goats!!

Be safe everyone and enjoy the rest of the trip

Karen & Chris

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