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November 17th Thursday

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November 17th Thursday

The construction crew was off once again to Port au Prince to continue with building the forms to ready them for the pouring of cement, which was done today as well. It rained again overnight so water had to be removed from the trenches bucket full by bucket full. A slower start to the last couple of mornings because of the rains but the rest of the day was booming busy! Kaitlin was down in the trenches keeping up with the guys building forms and closing clips. In places she was in

an 8 foot trench and she had to be arm lifted out when done. There is a generator used at the site for saws and charging batteries, and at lunch one day one of the Haitian helpers needed to charge his cell phone, so he stripped the wires from his charging cord and inserted them into the power cord and fried it, so they were without a generator for a while! Judson mentioned that he has been on a few mission trips and wanted to say that this was one of the most efficient teams he has worked with.

Ed has spent a couple of days shopping with Bisson to ensure that all the daily things we need at camp are purchased and available to use. Extra fans for the ladies dorm, bug spray and most importantly, a new coffee maker!

The medical team was off to Saint Marc’s today to hold a clinic there. They saw 127 patients today. Again, there were a lot of people with high blood pressure. 220 over 115 is not uncommon here. They drink lots of coffee, and use magi to flavour the rice they eat, and they will chew coffee beans instead of smoking cigarettes. One thing we learned today is that if you are a Christian, then you do not smoke. Lammy saw a 6 year old boy that had mostly healed 3rd degree burns over his entire chest and stomach area. No skin grafts as that is not an option here. He was given some soothing cream to apply and some antibiotics to take home. Britt was totally amazed and impressed at how efficient the team worked together in dealing with so many patients that needed attention.

Lesa assisted Junior in dental today and they saw 14 patients. A lot of children with cavities and infections. They saw one little boy that was 5 years old and his whole mouth/teeth were rotten! There was so little they could do for him. There were 12 people that were fitted with much needed glasses from our assortment.

It was a day of catching up on computer work for Lyn in sponsorship, but she will be off to Christa College tomorrow to see all our sponsored children there.

“offer what you have and then watch. We all have something to offer the people of Haiti – no matter how insignificant you think it is.”

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Hi Dad (David) and Team!

I am so glad to know you are safe in Haiti! You are all doing amazing work and you are in our prayers back in Canada.
Dad we are so proud of the work you are doing! Continue to let God move through you and bless the people of Haiti! You are a true inspiration! We miss you very much! Remember to snuggle a little baby for me :)
Love you!

Hi All, sounds like another good day avec a few challenges. So you are getting rain. Be careful. Hopeful no one gets stuck. Interesting about coffee. Had not realized it was such a big thing in Haiti! Mind you I said to the doctor, i was getting headaches from caffine withdrawal. The medicine she gave me on Friday does not allow me to have coffee or chocolate plus a few other items! I did mention that in Haiti the morning gathering with a cup of coffee is the ritual:) she said i could have one…..but then mentioned decafe. I said we are early birds we enjoy the caffinated type:). Well keep up the good work. God strengths and peace be with you all and hopefully soon i will see you. I am just saddened that it looks like i will miss the rice bagging but i trust you newbies willl enjoy:) Susan, give Moise a hug from me. Thanks. Take care all.

Hi Lammy and the Gang ! Great to see some pictures and read about the progress you made. Keep up the good work! Read that you get some rain off an on .we get a dusting of snow every now an then here in Calgary. Now I bet you are all jealous ! Anyway now I’am stuck grandparenting three grand boys by myself and a big black dog. I just realized I get along with the dog the best so now I got to figure out how to get alone with the boys. But I think it well work out because I think the dog is on my side. Wishing you all well love. Walt :)

Hello! Grandma Lammy are you having fun in haiti are you making a lot of people feel better .

PS we have your husband captured and he does anything we tall him to so in other words we’re having a good time.

Love ya

Hey Mom, Dad, Kate and team,
Hope you are having a good time, looks like everyone is working hard.
Miss ya, Kate
Praying for the team in that God may grant you safety and good health during your trip. Remember that God is using each of you as a symbol of his grace to his people in Haiti.
Say hi to bisson, jean luc, and junior from us :)

Hello Susan and team – great to see the pics – what a big construction project!

Lesa — so good that you will be a dental surgeon upon your return — my teeth are due for a cleaning :)

My heart aches for the little boy with the burn – the pain he suffered would have been horrible. I have tears just thinking about it. Glad that you could help with some soothing cream and antibiotics.

God bless you all as you conquer another day.

Love to all, Tom

Hello to Susan and the amazing team.You are doing such wonderful work.I am sure it is very hot and hope everyone is keeping hydrated.Tomorrow is going to be a very warm day here .Is everyone looking at the super moon …last time it was this close to earth was 48 years ago…imagine being so far from Canada and seeing the same moon! You are there to remind everyone that we are all God,s people …blessings Margy

Hello Sandi, wanted to say Happy Birthday, glad to see your experience with S&S construction is useful. Enjoy your time in Haiti, safe travels back!

Hi Dad and Mom (Glenn and Lynn),

Glad to see you are all safe and having a successful week so far. Missing you guys lots. Thanks Mom for all the dutch soup! It was great! Praying for you all as you bless the Haitians with your work. Love you!

Hi Ed,
Good to hear of all the good things the team is accomplishing. Keep safe, you are in our prayers.
Sonya and Walt.

Hello everyone,

Great to hear the stories of all that you are doing. It is amazing to hear that no matter what the challenges are (rain or no coffee) that everyone seems to find a way to make a difference each day anyway. Keep up all the great work. Nice to hear the medical stories. Way to go Junior for helping the kids. Keep giving out those toothbrushes! We will continue to pray for all of you.


HEY GRANNY! We miss you and I hope you have a wonderful time in Haiti helping the poor and meeting new people we miss you and love you! (Your FAVOURITE and only granddaughter and favourite grandkid Emily)

Hello everyone!!!!!

Sending you all my love And prayers ….
You all are amazing 🙌🏾❤️️🙌🏾
I’m thanking God for ur courage, your strength and most of all for heart ❤️… It’s hearts like urs that keep Mission to Haiti 🇭🇹 alive… your selfless act, may go unseen, but God sees all.. May his blessings be with you all always …
Sending you all Much love ❤️ Rest up, and keep pushing!!!

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