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Wednesday November 16th

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Wednesday Nov. 16
Day 3

This morning our devotion was lead by Glenn. He read from John 6:1-15.

Today the Medical Clinic stayed in Cabaret. We opened clinic around 8:30am this morning and finished around 3:45pm. Seeing a total of 151 patients in total. The medical team saw 127 patients. Quite a few patients came in with High Blood Pressure and they saw two ladies in labour. The dental clinic saw 24 patients. Each patient received a toothbrush and toothpaste and instructions on how to brush. Many patients had infections and received antibiotics, while others had tooth extractions.

For the sponsorship program today children were seen from Cabaret (PC), from the Hill (PT) and also the boys from the orphanage (ME). After seeing the children in Cabaret Lynn and her team travelled to Faveau to see more sponsor kids; where 18 more children were added to the sponsorship program.
Although the container which had all the sponsor boxes had not arrived. It was explained to them that they would receive their sponsor boxes when the container had arrived. Despite that they all had smiles on their faces.

On the construction site they finished setting up the forms on one side so the can start pouring the concrete tomorrow. The heat was a large issue with the team causing some of the helpers and team to go go down with heat stroke.

see pictures

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Hello Susan and team!

So happy to hear that you all arrived safely and were so quickly able to start helping our Haitian friends.

Weather here is almost Haitian – to be 17 degrees on Friday.

May God bless each of you as you improve the lives of each person you touch in Haiti. And Susan, please give Kency the biggest hug you can for me.

Love to all

Hi All, Sounds like a good days work. I can so envison what you all are doing. I am getting plenty of exercise walking morning and afternoon to doctors to hear if my results have come in. Hope all the boys got a good check up. By the way i have still not figure out how to see photos posted, says server not found. Trust you are all enjoying the heat and cold showers. Hows the supermoon down there! Well soooo hope i see you all soon and get there is time for the rice bagging.

Another good day! Did the medical team get to deliver the babies? That would be exciting!
So sorry the heat got to some of you. I am sure Lammy has told you to pace yourselves and to stay hydrated.
Nice the sponsorship program is still being added to.
Let’s pray and hope the container still makes it before you leave.
Blessings of safety and progress for tomorrow!

Hi Susan and Company,
Great to hear good news about improving peoples lives and showing love in practical ways. Hope you have solve many problems and adjust to the heat in time. Neem sticks work great as toothbrushes with physical cleaning by rubbing teeth and chemical cleaning with the phytochemicals. A little papaya for the tummy works wonders for me too – especially in light of the lost tp!!
Kind regards, Tim

Hello to susan’my little English rose .I am sure the Haitians are so pleased the team is once again there to give so caringly for their cause .I hope they know many of us pray for them .The weather here is very mild….not motivating to decorate for Xmas but so enjoyable .Wishng the team health and happiness…blessings margy

Hi everyone!

Thanks for being the hands and feet of Jesus in Haiti. Keep up the great work! I can’t believe the medical team has seen so many people already. You’re all amazing. We’re praying for you.

My heart is warmed to hear of your day. May God continue to touch the lives of people you come into contact with and bless you for your labour of love… you are all in my prayers.

Sorry to hear the heat is so formidable. Keep up the good work! But please take care of yourselves… It’s a marathon not a dash.

Thanks for fixing photo issue, I get to see you all now:). Glenn I almost did not recognize you in black top:). Judson, was that your family you were with in the photo. Good to see new and familiar faces and the familiar scenes. Weather here unbelievable. Went for my constitution walk to Doctors office had to take my coat off on way back. Tomorrow it going to be warmer. Sounds like your end it is even hotter, I am sure Lammy is reminding you all to drink plenty of water. Thats great news about more Children on the sponsorship program. Take care all and hope to see you soon.

MOM! Lammy – Dad wants you to know he is safe and sound in Alberta and gearing up to fulfil his duties as PAPA in charge! We were so happy to see the pictures today (they weren’t working for us the last few days!). Hopefully another great day was had by all in Haiti today – looking forward to the updates! Lots of love from everybody here!

Hi Mom!! (Sandi) Looks like all of those toothbrushes and toothpaste came in handy today. Glad they were able to go to people who were clearly in need! Let’s hope that the oral hygiene aids and instruction that you gave helps prevent any future infections/extractions for these people! You are all doing amazing things!!! Love Katie

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