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November 14th, 2017

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Tuesday November 14th

Hello to everyone reading our blog. We all enjoyed a wonderful breakfast of pancakes, bacon and fruit prepared by the ladies in the house. Everyone slept well even with our resident rooster on point at 4 a.m.! Glenn went over the duties that need to be done each day by team members to ensure things run smoothly. Meal pickup from the house – dirty dishes returned and laundry brought and picked up at the end of the day and any sandwiches prepared for team members (...)

Monday November 13th

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We have all arrived safe and sound in Haiti and are thankful for the great weather travelling from Toronto to Haiti via Miami. There are 21 team members on this trip from back home, coming together from as far as Windsor, Blyth and Cambridge. We had no major issues going through customs with all the packed totes – a minor ripple with one bag, but everyone made the flight on time. We arrived in Port au Prince shortly after 5:00 pm and were in and out of customs and the airport, with (...)