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January 28, 2016

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The Final Day …

We had an awesome day at Kaliko today! Lots of sun, swimming, snorkeling, food and friends, old and new!

Our time here is almost over. In less than 8 hours we will be up and on the road for the airport. We had our traditional circle time tonight for everyone to share their thoughts on what made this trip special for them. It was a pretty emotional night, as we all hugged and said our good-byes afterwards.

Thank you to everyone who followed us on this (...)

January 27, 2016

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Diesel TapTaps belching inky black exhaust (travelling back from construction)

Little Haitian children with shiny white teeth and dusty toes (orphans at the compound)

Beads of sweat rolling down the roofers faces (construction site)

Skinny mongrels scrounging through the garbage (Haitian streets)

Sheets of steel shining silver in the sun (new church roof)

Five cards to a hand….who has the left bauer? (evening entertainment)

Rumpled sheets, messy (...)

January 26, 2016

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Hannah: Today was day 2 of VBS in Fouveau. We decided to take a walk around the village before VBS started, bringing along our translators so that we could personally invite the kids and tell them to invite their friends as well. The word must have gotten around as when we returned to the church we had kids already waiting for us. In total today, we had 258 kids today (over double the amount we had yesterday!) ranging from small kids who couldn’t stay awake to teenagers and some parents (...)

January 25, 2016

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It rained last night! We barely made it through the gates of the compound returning from our walk when the first drops began to fall. It’s not the rainy season here, so it was a welcome break from all the heat!

Our morning began as usual, as the regulars grabbed their coffee or tea, along with a chair, and made their way outside for the morning social circle before breakfast arrived.

Sewing is going smoother every day. Junior translates for the ladies and although he (...)

January 24,2016

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Church services are joyful and LOUD in Haiti! The church at the Presbyterian Mission is led by Pastor Charles and our team spent two hours praising God with our Haitian brothers and sisters while the clouds gathered outside on this humid day. Pastor Charles preaches in both English and Creole and his message was on gratitude. He thanked us for coming and sharing our gifts – and Glenn, in turn, thanked the congregation for hosting us and welcoming us to their community.

That (...)

January 23, 2016

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Today was a day of rest from our usual routine. Although there were fears that demonstrations would prevent today’s outing to the Baptist Mission on the mountain, we ventured forth on a modified trip bypassing the Palace, market and museum in Port au Prince as they are right downtown.

We did see a few burned tires on the road and one car that had been set afire earlier in the week for demonstrations, but other than that everything was pretty calm considering the election is (...)

January 22, 2016

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Day 4
Sandi: For some, the day began earlier than others. Elaine was scheduled for chore duty today, and was so pumped to get the day going, she was up and showering by 4:30! She assured us that won’t happen again!!

The sewing ladies had all 8 girls return to class today. Deb mentioned that the 2 girls who were students last year picked right back up and were sewing little bags and sundresses for their dolls without any guidance. All the girls were able to cut out their fabric (...)

January 21, 2016

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Sandi: Well, the rooster continues to crow throughout the night! Silly bird! Most of us have learned to block him out and are well rested in the morning despite his constant noise.

Pastor Charles joined us after breakfast this morning to do devotions. He has been the pastor here at Messallier Cabaret for 18 years – starting his ministry so long ago under a single mango tree. Much has grown in that time, as where our compound now stands, was once just a sugar cane field. Charles is (...)

January 20, 2016

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Carolyn: Wow! And amazing! Those two words describe our day!

We had over 300 kids at our first day of VBS. They did such a great job as they sang songs. The kids heard the story of creation, and that God made them. They participated in games, earned prizes, learned Psalm 100:3, and made creation crowns to wear on their heads. We fed each child ‘bon bon’s (crackers) and juice as they left for the day. Bisson did an amazing job as he helped Heidi and Carolyn lead the program. (...)

January 19, 2016

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Getting Started: January 19, 2016
The early risers gathered for coffee in the dusty yard in front of the dormitory where the mission team is based in this village of Cabaret. Others are showering. Others still sleep under mosquito nets hanging over top of bunk buds. Despite the rooster crowing in the middle of the night and the occasional snores from bunk mates, everyone looked refreshed on this, our first day.

Organizing and unloading is a mammoth task and that’s what (...)