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November 28

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Ahhhhh……. It’s always nice to have a true day of rest. While today was not a work day it was a day to reflect on what God has done.

This morning Glenn shared a great devotion about hunger that showed a different side to this word that a majority of us would never have thought of while volunteering for Mission to Haiti Canada (MTHC). When we think of the word “hunger” with our MTHC hats, we think of the numerous food distributions since the 2010 earthquake however, Pastor (...)

November 27

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It’s clean up day! The dorms have been swept, the tiles have been mopped, the 2×4 wood was placed into the container (again), the empty cement bags were cleared and a patio was cutout to be poured. It has been a full day for us; however, here are some of the highlights.

Today the teachers celebrated with a “graduation” ceremony for completing their teacher training successfully. 10 teachers received certificates of completion for their hard work and participation in the (...)

November 26

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Praise the Lord for his mercy endures forever! Folks we had a productive day but it truly was an emotional day.

Firstly, one of the construction managers (aka the drill sergeant) took some young ladies to help our garden manager with the garden on the hill. If you have not been on the hill, there is little to no shade and it was a HOT and sunny day. Even with the unforgiving elements, everyone worked really hard and kept going. In addition, they brought up the rain barrels so that (...)

November 25

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We work hard, we work long and we will work with little to no light to help make the Haitians’ lives a little easier.

To begin with, teacher training went well yet again. Today the primary teachers received milk mats for their classrooms in order to create an environment more engaging for students. They reviewed and implemented what was taught last week. What is so encouraging to hear is that the teachers wanted more tools before our departure… excellent work (...)

November 24

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“Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord as we wait upon the Lord…..” The mission team had the opportunity to worship with our Haitian brothers and sisters this morning. Also, the orphan children graced the congregation with the song they were taught this week (Everlasting God) by the music team. They sang it loud and kept the rhythm too!! Pastor Charles spoke from Psalms 150 and shared a story of when his wife was not able to attend his daughter’s graduation in the United (...)

November 23

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Haitian vendor: “Three for ten dollars…good price, good price”

Canadian: “no thanks three for five dollars”

Haitians vendor: “Ok, ok, ok”….. “three for eight, best price….

Canadian: “no thanks…. Three for five dollars”…. (bus slowly begins to drives away)…

Haitians “ok, ok, ok, miss three for five”… (bracelet sold to Canadian customer).

As you can see, we went into town to visit the market, the Baptist Mission, Look Out (...)

November 22

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Today was “lighter” as there was only construction, sponsorship and medical.

For construction, the team was light as a number of members went to assist medical. Even with the limited numbers, the construction team was able to complete pouring a barrier wall by the compound. As one member best said it, “The most exciting part of construction is when you’re DONE!!”

The sponsorship program is now in the planning mode. For today they:

Organized sponsor child (...)

November 21

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Hello from Haiti,

Today was again another productive day for every team member. Now that we know what to expect, we all are in our groove and feel that we’re being effective.

The Medical team saw 185 people in Saint Marc when they were expected to see 70 and there were still patients that were not seen. This unit truly rocks! Today we had a dental apprentice. He was able to clean, watch teeth being pulled and provide some fluoride treatment.

The music ministry (...)

November 20

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All hands on deck! If you were a well and abled body, we had a job for you.

Today was truly a full day where everyone pitched in one way or another. We started the morning with the generator going out after midnight and hearing a few folks on the men’s side snore their tired bodies to sleep. In addition, the chickens and turkeys were in full practice mode for the Christmas season. Fortunately, the generator returned to it’s usual loud monotone sound later in the morning. (...)

November 19

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Greetings from Haiti,

Today was a day of preparation and planning. We started the morning with a delicious breakfast consisting of pancakes, fruit and sweet sweet bacon……mmmmm bacon. After breakfast Pastor Charles gave a devotion on John 5 which talked about the man by the well. He mentioned how Jesus is omnipresent, omniscience and omnipotent. After devotion we went preparing for the days tasks. Some of the ladies and men prepared the new sewing room for an afternoon session (...)