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November 29, 2012

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What a day of mixed emotions!  Our day at Kalico Beach was such a blessing!  The boys came too, which was a wonderful surprise (many of us thought it was strange that they weren’t dressed for school!).  We sang songs and enjoyed them during the trip.  Once there the boys couldn’t wait to jump into the pool.  We played for awhile and treated them to some Coco-Cola!  What a treat!  After a couple of hours, the driver took them home and we had a delicious buffet lunch.  Swimming in (...)

November 28, 2012

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Another incredible day in hot and sunny Haiti!  After a morning of cleaning up camp and waiting for the shipping container, it finally arrived after lunch.  We then waited for the inspector.  Thankfully we were able to get the container emptied, but it was done mostly in the dark.  It was wonderful to alongside the Haitians to get the overwhelming work done.  You should have seen the orphan boys join in and help carry chalkboards while pretending to drive Tap-Taps!  Priceless!  We took (...)

A special message from Lammie

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Hi Ethan Mandair!
Bonne Fete a tu! Happy 9th birthday! Hope you are having a great day today!! Hi to Walt, Lucas, Liam, Emily, Ajay and Andrew. It is hot in Haiti. Today we are doing a clinic in a big white tent! Love you all! Grandma
P.S- For Nov.30 Happy Birthday Greg! (...)

November 27, 2012

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Greetings from sunny and hot Haiti!  It’s was a busy day here at the camp and abroad.  Cliff lead devotion time because Pastor Charles was in Port Au Prince.  The medical team and sponsorship got underway quickly to Faveau.  People were already lining up at the door!  They saw about 195 very needy people.  Sponsorship boxes were given away and some more of the team sponsored kids.

The construction team started the day on the hill and finished putting the roof tresses on the (...)

November 26, 2012

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Today has been a very interesting day!  Some of us are starting to feel the change of diet and are needing a day of rest.  Our construction team started off early and went back to the top of the hill to put up the roof tresses.  The rest waited while the bus was fixed.

The medical team waited for quite some time to get going because of the repairs which ended up to be somewhat of a blessing.  When they did get going, they were turned back at Port Au Prince do to a demonstration in (...)

November 25, 2012

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Hello to all our friends back home!  We had another fun filled day in Haiti.  It’s Sunday, so our day started off with an inspirational church service by Pastor Charles.   He spoke in both Creole and English about Jesus being the only way to salvation.

We had a little time before lunch and some of us played with the boys.  It was really quite hot today and they decided to pour water on the kids.  Who had more fun – the adults or the kids?

This afternoon was food and (...)

November 24

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Greetings from Haiti!  Bon Fete Glenn!  Our morning started out serenading Glenn for his birthday.  And what a birthday it was.  The orphans were thrilled to make Glenn a birthday banner.

The whole team had the day off today and went to Port Au Prince for some sightseeing.  We went to the Baptist Mission and the Look out.  It was very foggy and rainy, but we were able to see the whole city from up on the hill.  Dinner was pizza at Domino’s!   If you ever think the traffic in (...)

November 23

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Greetings from a cloudy day in Haiti! Today started off quite hectic. As the medical team was getting organized for another clinic in Port Au Prince, a few ladies came in from the community to have their infants checked out. They were adorable and we got to have a cuddle before they left. As they were leaving, Lammie came in carrying one of the sponsor children (Glenn and Lynn’s) having convulsions. The medical team immediately jumped into action. It was amazing to see them work (...)

November 22

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Another fun filled day in Haiti! Breakfast was egg, cream of wheat and some sausage. Delicious. After a relatively brief devotion time, the medical team left for Port au Prince to begin another clinic. They were preparing for 130 to visit the clinic, but were expecting more to come. They were home after dark.
The construction team changed locations today and began working on roof tresses here at camp, instead of up on the hill. Work is beginning on the roof for the new school as well. (...)

November 21, 2012

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What an exciting day! So much wonderful news. After a delicious breakfast of fruit and pancakes, each team got themselves organized for the day ahead. Boxes were handed out this morning to the sponsor children. They were delighted to see them, couldn’t contain their excitement and opened their boxes immediately. It was so joyous to watch the look on their faces.
The medical team also started the first clinic of the trip. People were lined up. Way to go guys!
The construction (...)