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Sunday April 24, 2011

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Well this week has been an interesting week! 

On Wednesday Bisson arrived early in the morning to take me to Port-au-Prince. I had lots of errands to do. The list of the things I had planned were, a visit with Bisson’s family, a visit with Wilky, visiting my parents sponsor child  (for the first time since I’ve been here), grocery shop and the purchase of a fridge.

So over the bridge we went. I can’t wait till the dedication and we can use the new bridge… I always say (...)

Friday April 15, 2011

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So this week has been a busy week. Well when isn’t it a busy week???

This week I have been really trying to get the ladies in the orphanage to clean the bathroom every morning…. at least the sinks and toilets and the floor with some cleaning product. Just water isn’t good enough. On Monday I busted out a scrub brush, some CLR and a lot of bleach. My quest was to clean the floor around the toilet that had been stained a brownish colour from all the pee. Well mission (...)

Friday, April 8 2011

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April 8, 2011

Another week has come and gone and it’s been almost 3 weeks since the last team has been here!!! Time is flying by!

This week, lots of things have been accomplished and lots of things have been started.  But I will tell you some highlights of my days

So this Monday will mark 90 days in Haiti!!! An important note of information because after that date I will technically be in Haiti Illegally… We are working on my “Permis de Sejour” as of (...)

Sunday, April 3 2011

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Hey Every one
Sorry for the delay in the post! The days seemed to just fly by when your week doesn’t start till Friday.
So I am on the mend. The mumps has started to decrease, and hopefully my energy levels will go back up soon.

A team of 9 from Strathroy arrived last thursday and left early on thursday morning. They accomplished alot of things on the church in St.Marc. Support post were poured, the floor was finished and a outside beam around half of the church was (...)