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Friday March 25, 2011

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Friday March 25, 2011

AHHHH.  It has been 2 weeks since I last posted. Those of you following the blog during the team you were reading the words of Jon Roland. He did an amazing job! I wish he was still here so he could write this one too. LOL.

I would say that emotionally this week has been the hardest I’ve had since being here. Or maybe it is the fact that I can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to getting better (health wise) might be the problem. Cause guess what (...)

Sunday March 20

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The church service was powerful this morning and the Haitians were as stunningly dressed as the previous week. One of the highlights this morning was when the worship leader pulled out an old accordion and a group of eight women when dressed in identical brown outfits filed into the front of the church. The church’s women’s choir brought forth some of the most beautiful harmonies you could imagine. Churches much larger than this could only wish they had such talented voices. We sat (...)

Saturday March 19

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Last night, goat giving craziness ensued. Imagine trying to cram 30 goats, the families we were giving them to, our team, our translators, and groups of children caught up in the excitement of the day into a small courtyard next to the church. It felt like mixing a marketplace and a playground together. Giving away goats and bags of beans and rice to our sponsored families was a powerful experience. When we give these gifts, especially the goats, the impact multiplies. There is a rule in (...)

Friday March 18

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Great joy in what we have seen happen today is mixed with the internal pangs of sadness. We have finished our work in construction, VBS, and at our medical clinic. Hundreds of lives have been changed in the last week. Time will tell whether it is our lives or those of the Haitians who have been changed more. Undeniably, God has been powerfully at work in both groups. While our formal ministry projects are done, we will still have two full days before we leave on Monday morning. Many of us (...)

Thursday March 17

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Thursday is a huge market day in Caberet. We took an hour this morning to experience that part of the local culture. Imagine well over a 1,000 little booths pressed up against one another and build of whatever items you could find to provide shade from the sun. We saw booths made of patio umbrellas stuck in the ground, sticks and tarps tied together, sheets of metal tied to branches. Throughout these booths are little footpaths barely wide enough for two people to walk side by side. Sometime (...)

Wednesday March 16

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Today was a job switch day for many of us. Some of those who worked in the clinic or VBS took the day to work construction and some who worked in construction took time to work in VBS. One of the values MTHC has for mission teams is that everyone gets to have a broad exposure to missions by spending some time on each of the projects even if something is not your main thing. This can have a great team and relationship building effect because we get to spend the day in the shoes of someone else (...)

Tuesday March 15 2011

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Today was amazing, tiring, joy-filled, stressful, and a dozen other adjectives, but probably the strongest two words that would describe our day are hope-filled and God-blessed. Throughout the morning many of us were pulled out of our jobs to take time to meet the children we are sponsoring through MTHC. Each of us was able to spend special time with our sponsored child and give them gifts we brought. We were also able to meet the rest of the children sponsored by the bridge and had (...)

Monday March 14 2011

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Today has been our first day on our three main projects. In three groups we spent eight hours working at the medical clinic, on construction, or Vacation Bible School.

Medical Clinic:

Well before we opened the clinic, benches were filled with people from the community waiting their turn to see one of our nurses. We worked in groups as Sue ran a team assisted by Sarah and Maisie ran a team assisted by Yvett. Lammy oversaw the whole clinic with Jon assisting her by running the (...)

Sunday March 13, 2011

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Stunning doesn’t begin to describe the elegance and beauty of the Haitian people as they began showing up first thing in the morning for Sunday School. They take such care and pride in their appearance and dress so beautifully and stylishly that next to them we appeared as slobs as we hung around with them as they waited for classes to start. Granted we were not yet dressed for church, but the reversal in appearance with regard to who was dressed nicely was palpable. It is a great measure (...)

Saturday March 12, 2011

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It’s amazing how much a person’s perspective can change in 24 hours. In some ways, when you come to Haiti for the first time, you could say your perspective changes by the hour or even by the minute. We arrived and made it through the airport with all of our luggage and hit the road for a 45 minute drive to our home in Caberet. Immediately after leaving the airport you are hit with the reality of the conditions here as you pass by a tent city filled with more tents than you could count (...)