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Friday February 25, 2011

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Another week has come and gone.  I have to sit here for a second and remember what I did all week. Because it is already Friday and the week is gone and I still have many things I wanted to get done this week. It probably doesn’t help that a few of my boys have had fevers this week so I’ve been busy at the orphanage. I have been sure to wash my hands frequently so I don’t get sick. Although this morning I did wake up with a sore throat, so I gargled with oil of oregano… Man I forgot (...)

Friday, February 18

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Day 40 (I think that’s right)

Again I am speechless. This week has taken me to the North Country. Which is a total different world compared to the south. It is very comparable to Ontario, in the sense that the south is highly populated and the north is not. The North is beautiful, similar to a rural lifestyle which makes sense because agriculture is the main industry there.  The people have very little but are content, we could learn a lot from these resilient people. Doctors (...)

Friday, February 11, 2011

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Wow, a week has already gone by since the team left.  I would say a lot has happened and things have gone back into a routine here.  Camp is now quiet at night. Here is how my week went.

On Saturday, Antonine, Denis, Leonel and myself travelled to Port-au – Prince for some grocery shopping.  We visited two grocery stores. One meant more for white people and one that was not. To me they looked pretty much the same, but Antonine assured me there is more selection in one then the (...)

Friday, February 4

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Day 12

As I am writing you now i am surrounded by about 15 children poking me and asking me all sort of questions.  It’s now dark out and it’s almost time to go to prayer and worship that starts at 9 and ends at midnight.

Today was an early day. I didn’t even her any roosters crowing this morning!  The team left at 7:00 am for the airport!  Everyone loaded on to the bus and off we went to Port-au-Prince.  The one hour drive to the airport was uneventful but (...)

Thursday, February 3

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Day 11

 It was another beautiful day in Haiti today.   We were planning a walk through the market but due to pending an election announcement, Pastor Charles preferred that we avoid crowded areas.  So after another inspiring devotion (will we ever miss that) we changed back into construction clothes and headed up the hill to the houses.    The goal today was to pour the walls for house three which we accomplished in record time – 2-1/2 hours!!  I think we’re getting the (...)

Wednesday, February 2

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Day 10

It’s already day 10. Man has this trip flown by. It’s also hard to believe that I have been here for almost 4 weeks! It is officially hot today. I’ve had many Haitians agree with my thoughts. And not only is it hot, it is also muggy! I know everyone in Ontario was supposed to get a snowstorm and the temperature is in the minuses, but it’s really hot here. It’s just hard to imagine it being THAT cold especially when we can’t stop (...)

Tuesday, February 1

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Day 9

Today started off a little overcast. At first we thought that meant it was earlier than it was (aka – time for more sleep) but no, the sun was just a little slower getting to full height this morning.

We had quite a productive day today doing all kinds of things. At camp, a few of the crew sweated in the heat putting up a large tent alongside the church. That’s just a temporary location as it will soon find its way to Port au (...)