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Monday, January 31

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 Day 8

 It’s Monday and things are moving up the hill (literally). Today most of the team went up the hill to help with bucket brigade! And just a few stayed behind to work on the gate posts.

 Now, I would be kidding you to say we did this all on our own. The truth of the matter is that we have several Haitians that help us with our projects. Man can they work! Even though we may not speak the same language we still manage to communicate. 

 I would also like to (...)

Sunday, January 30

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Day 7

Today, I am at lost with words. So much has happened today and so many lives were affected by something that seems like only a faction of what all humans deserve.

Something that we haven’t talked about but should is my friend Pastor Charles. I wish you could all meet him. His passion and love for God is unwavering, even in times of despair and struggle, he is a light here in Caberet. He is someone you can come and talk to, and is never (...)

Saturday, January 29

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Day 6 – Saturday January 29

Sorry for the delay in posting. The internet wasn’t working last night and is now finally fixed! Enjoy!

 Bonjou, Bonjou, Bonjou!

 Today was resort day and we all enjoyed a more leisurely start to the day.   Some shared a coffee on top of the water tower.  Others checked out the goats (30) that arrived last night.   It was a lot of fun watching the tug of war between goats and humans.   Maybe it was even more fun this (...)

Friday, January 28

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Day 5

 Bonswa bonswa bonswa!

 Another beautiful day in Haiti.   Everyone had a good nights sleep once the sore muscles from yesterday’s work stopped aching.   There is such a good feeling here.   We are beginning to feel like family to the children.   We had fun last night playing games with them before they went to bed.   They know Ring around the Rosie but prefer their version which is “choose me and dance with me”.  Alex P ran a lot of races with the little (...)

Thursday, January 27

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Day 4

 Bonswa tout moun!  Good Evening everyone!

 There was no problem with the rooster or the donkey this morning.   But the animals are in cahoots.   Today it was the dogs.    And they had good lungs.    No worries – we were anxious to get going this morning as it was bridge pour day!   A hearty breakfast including donuts (Tim Hortons would love these!) and we were ready to go. 

 We were anticipating a 6 hour pour and we just about hit that target (...)

Wednesday, January 26

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It’s unanimous…we have to find the rooster who starts crowing at 4:15 am and convince him its in his best interest to start later! Day 3 was a busy day. Today we spent the whole day at camp and we got lots accomplished. We had planned to send half the crew to the houses on the hill but due to some political protests we felt it was safer to stay at camp today.

This morning, the ladies spent the day sorted the remaining totes to break it into (...)

Tuesday, January 25

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The link for yesterdays photo has been fixed!

Day 2 and now everyone knows that the alarm clocks here are roosters and the trusty donkey. No one could sleep through that. The Haitian ladies fed us a beautiful breakfast – there was no roughing it here and weight gain might be a problem. After breakfast we all met at the bridge to sign our section. What an experience! We signed one side. Our Haitian workers and students signed another. Pastor (...)

January 24 2011

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The adventure that began at 3 am in MINUS 28 degree Canada ended safely in PLUS 33 degree weather in Haiti at 7 this evening. As trips go, Jack says it was pretty smooth. We’re not sure Aaron would agree. He had quite a chat with the security staff in Toronto who didn’t like what he’d pack in his tote. Unfortunately this means Pastor Charles won’t be getting some of the printer toner he was looking forward to. Then we had to wait for the planes water lines to thaw so (...)

Thursday, January 20

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Making our Mark

      The crowd at the bridge began to swell as mission team members finished their work projects, took showers and congregated together. Earlier in the day, Team Leader Glenn had asked us all to meet here for something we would do together as a group.

      “Tonight, we want to sign this bridge,” said Glenn. He explained that our team would sign one section, Jack’s team’s (...)

Wednesday, January 19

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      Each day I watched as members of the mission team met their sponsored children. They would hand over the gift boxes, pose for a picture and ask a few questions via the interpreter. There were lots of smiles, hugs and it was evident that it was a joyful experience for all. Yet, it all seemed fairly routine…something you did when you came to Haiti.

      My family sponsors a child here and I knew one day, I would have my (...)