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Blog Update for November 24th, 2010!

Posted by MTH-Team | Posted in General | Posted on 11-24-2010 3:13 PM


Alot of exciting things are going on!!! A 5 person team has just returned from Haiti & have completed an extensive to do list. While we were there, we went to all the schools & found them all repaired & fully functional. It was a great surprise to us as well a blessing to see! We found that the orphanage has 21 children living there & that the kids just loved the new blankets that were donated by R Villa Retirement Living in Ripley Ontario. We also made arrangements to prep the bridge project so that when the first team arrives on January 10th, they can start to make the 4 beams that will support the platform. If they (…)

Blog Update for Tuesday, November 2, 2010!

Posted by MTH-Team | Posted in General | Posted on 11-02-2010 3:56 PM


On November 11, 2010, there will be a team of 5 people heading to Haiti to prepare for a very busy upcoming season of mission trips. While the team is down there, we will be meeting with our Haitian construction crews to plan all the pre-trip jobs that need to be completed before the big teams arrive on January 10th & January 24th, 2011. We will be instructing ¬†them to prepare the bridge project so that when the team arrives in January we can begin working on putting the 3 supports for the platform in place (…)